Author: Takana Ayame
Illustrator: Kujow

Summary: One day, the sickly prince of the Maillard Kingdom woke up in an unfamiliar, gorgeous room. He was old that this was the royal palace of the famous country Barthelemy, a place known for its advanced medical treatment, by Fernand, an angelic beauty serving as his new attendant. The food, clothes, and scenery outside all confused the prince. After all, the life the prince lived in his own country was…
The heartwarming BL fantasy of a sickly, unaware, unfortunate prince x the gallant attendant(?) taking care of him.

This is a web novel composed of 42 chapters in the main story and 5 side chapters on syosetu. It also has a LN volume published by Ichijinsha.

Chapter 1 is here

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