Brought My Wife Back from Another World: Chapter 3

Chapter 3
He and my subordinates

Just as how Azusa did for me in Nippon, I explained to him how people lived in this world.

Electricity, gas, and plumbing didn’t exist; instead, everything ran via manastones, and the way to use these utilities was also different. The most obvious was the use of fire and water. In the Kingdom of Selentia, we did not light fires. Instead, we used heat conduction. I explained this to Azusa whilst cooking breakfast in the kitchen; though he looked amazed and excitedly responded with a word I was unfamiliar with, which sounded like “Eye-ech-ee!”[1], the ‘stove’ he used was more amazing in my opinion.

In regards to water, it wouldn’t continuously flow after you turned a faucet; water would come out after you held your hand over the faucet, and the flow would stop after a fixed time had passed. When washing one’s body, it was necessary to motion over the faucet again before the timing ran out and the water stopped flowing. “Like when you gotta take care of business in public places, huh,” Azusa said, but I didn’t understand the meaning of his words. He wouldn’t be able to settle business through battle, and neither would he be starting a business here… It made me feel rather sad to think that there were still things about him which I didn’t understand. [2]

The first breakfast he had ever cooked for me had been fried eggs. This time, I wanted to make the same thing for him, so I began making a traditional fried eggs breakfast. I simply placed it over a piece of bread, seasoned it with salt and paper, and also included some soup. I placed the dishes in front of the already-seated Azusa and took a seat across from him.

“This sure is nostalgic…”


“You probably don’t remember it, but for breakfast, this was the first thing I’d made for you.”

He said this with an awkward laugh. No way, for him to have actually had the same thoughts as I had… I was so happy that I stared at him, unable to even come up with words. When I did so, Azusa seemed to have misunderstood something, for he only turned his face away as if to obscure his sullen pout.

“It was just something nice I remembered. Don’t sweat it.”

“No, that’s not it, Azusa. I was also thinking of the same thing when I made this.”


“The first breakfast you ever made for me – I would never be able to forget it, right? That you recall it as well makes me so happy, Azusa.”

I earnestly conveyed my feelings, and this time, Azusa was startled and looked right into my eyes, his cheeks blushing red. Once my words sunk in, Azusa shouted, “Well, time to eat!” and sunk his teeth into the bread as if he was trying to conceal the way they affected him. Everything Azusa did when he felt so shy and embarrassed was so adorable. Unable to bear it, I smiled, and my shoulders trembled. I got found out, and Azusa, glaring at me with a red face, kicked at my feet under the table.

“Kuh, hahaha…!”

I couldn’t hold it anymore…! Laughter finally erupted from my mouth. My wife was so cute, I feared that from here on, he would be the only matter occupying my entire mind.

“—Tch! Don’t laugh.”

Before Azusa’s teary-eyed face as he valiantly tried his best to implore me, I, who was unable to go over and embrace him for fear of interrupting the meal, truly had to do my best.

Since I felt that Azusa would feel rather cold if he went outside as he was currently dressed, I held out my coat to him and requested that he wear it, just for today. I had anticipated that Azusa would be too slender for it, but I was surprised by how the coat was even looser on him than I’d expected. My eyes were drawn to the slight peek of Azusa’s fingers from the ends of the sleeves. Aware of my staring, Azusa put on an expression that said Don’t you dare say a word about it as he crossed his arms to hide his fingertips. Alas, even though it was so indescribably stimulating.

As one might expect, the appearances of the houses, buildings, and streets in my country differed from those in Nippon. There were no tall buildings, cars, or traffic lights. Though the streets were paved with stones, they were far from being flat and easy to walk upon. The street lighting was also in a sorry state. Wherever I compared it, I couldn’t help but feel that my country was inferior. Once he went outside and saw the reality of this place, perhaps Azusa might end up feeling homesick for his hometown, which was so much easier to live in… My thoughts began churning in a terrible direction.

“Frickin’ awesome…! This world’s so…!”

Yet, when I glanced beside me toward the source of that unexpected shout, I saw Azusa looking around with sparkles in his eyes. For the first time before my eyes, Azusa, who sparsely gave compliments and who looked expressionlessly at the things which held no interest to him, was now as jittery and excited as a child.

“It looks like an RPG! Damn, I’m pumped!”

“Once you become accustomed to this, won’t you find it inconvenient?”

Even though I ought to have just kept it to myself, I ended up saying something as if splashing cold water over him just as he had become happy. Even so, without minding it at all, Azusa responded with a smile.

“Once I get used to it then I’ll think it’s just normal; I’m not gonna feel like it’s tough to live with or anything.”

“…You’re truly something, Azusa.”

“You think so? Well, this is the world you were born in, after all; maybe that’s why it looks so special to me.”

Despite saying something to stir me up, the culprit himself didn’t realize it… Blindsided by his words, I was left speechless. That I held such an important place in his thoughts was something that I didn’t know. Though normally he would say whatever he wanted without holding back, when it came to important matters, there were many things which Azusa preferred not to voice; for him to say a thing like this was momentous. He really was a complete genius at making me feel happy.

First we had to sort out his clothing. Though I had wanted to get him clothes tailored for his body, Azusa was obstinate that he didn’t need such expensive clothing, so we ended up purchasing ready-made pieces. Even so, I found it fun to pick out and buy them for Azusa. In Nippon, Azusa had to handle all of the purchases. Given that I had no income, I was unable to even pay back the gesture with a gift; now, he was willing to wear on his body the things which I had purchased and gifted to him, making me very happy. As I was picking out various things, if Azusa hadn’t stopped me and said ‘This is already more than enough’, perhaps I would have kept going without end.

We decided to take a break and went into a restaurant to eat lunch. Since it was customary to eat bread here, there wasn’t much rice available. When I explained this to Azusa as he looked through the menu, he gave a slightly sad laugh and said, “Can’t be helped, then.”

Lastly, we went to several stores to pick up some daily necessities. Though it would have been fine if I had prepared them earlier, I had wanted Azusa to pick out the ones that seemed most familiar to him, so I had purposely left it off. This seemed to have been the correct course of action, and the two of us had fun chatting about silly, trivial things as we shopped. My life from now on would be filled with much more laughter and happiness than I had ever imagined, I reflected.

As the sun started to set, the outside grew darker. Carrying our purchases with both hands, we began walking home. Whilst I was in the middle of thinking about how we ought to use the tableware we purchased today during dinner tonight, and other such thoughts, I heard the words of an apology come from beside me. I didn’t understand what Azusa was apologizing for, so when I earnestly questioned him, he replied that it was because I had needed to pay for everything. Azusa had just arrived in this world, and he of course wasn’t working here, so it was natural that I would be paying. Of course, even if Azusa found a way to generate income later, I intended to continue treating him.

“Uugh… somehow this makes me feel so damn guilty…”

“Since we’re a married couple, won’t you be troubled if you don’t grow accustomed to it?”

“Guh… It’s embarrassing, so don’t say it…”

“Even though I had wanted to show off that you were mine… It’s too bad…” [3]

Though we had been together for half a year, our relationship hadn’t been that of lovers. Therefore, since I hadn’t spoken words of love to him, I hadn’t known that Azusa turned out to be quite shy. Though the subject of how we should treat each other as lovers hadn’t come up, since this was Azusa, I had thought that he wouldn’t pay much mind to it – that was why this reaction was so unexpected. For you to react so shyly to the things I say every time is just too cute, I’m sorry… I thought. Even if he told me to stop thinking that, I wouldn’t be able to.

“Hu-uh? Ain’t that Ilias!”

“Good evening, sir! It’s good to see you!”

Interrupting the two-person marital bliss between Azusa and I were the voices of two men, one high-pitched and one with a gentle tone. I had a sinking feeling upon hearing those much-too-familiar voices; I truly wouldn’t be able to get away with not turning around, would I. Upon seeing me stop in place and turn back, Azusa also paused and turned. Just as I had thought, there behind me were my subordinates Lev and Cecil. Seeing that we had stopped, they took it as permission to run over to us.

Cecil was sensible so he shouldn’t cause any trouble, but the unrestrained Lev was a huge problem. Lev was short, and at first glance, he looked like a young boy; he understood his appearance and used it to act as he pleased, without any discipline. I was worried; it would be better if Azusa didn’t get involved with him, I thought, but before I knew it, Lev was already standing in front of me.

“Huh? Ilias, I thought’cha were supposed to be restin’ today, but you’re actually going on a date with this hottie?”

“Hey, be more respectful, Lev!”

“Fine, I’ll do it since you say so, Cecil. Good evening, mister.”

“Eh – ah, uh, good evening.”

My sinking feeling had been right on the mark, and it seemed that it wasn’t going to end with just this one exchange. After suddenly being spoken to, Azusa had been bewildered and spoken a reply, but right after that he sent a questioning glance over to me. Who the heck are these guys? Just with his eyes, I understood what he was asking. I had wanted to introduce him to all of my subordinates together, but now that we were in this sort of situation, I had to concede that it couldn’t be helped.

“These two are my subordinates. The shorter one is Lev, and the calmer one is Cecil.”

“What’s up, I’m Lev Mauser. I might be short but I’m still the oldest one out of us here, including Ilias.”

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Cecil Beretta.”

“And, this here is Azusa.”

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m in Ilias’s care.”

How miserable it was that I could not introduce Azusa, who politely bowed to them, officially as my wife. Though I had placed a ring upon the ring finger of his left hand, in this place, the proof of one’s marriage was shown by donning a single earring. If I were to introduce him as my wife without having given him an earring, it would be saying that he wasn’t worth preparing for, and it would cause inexcusable offense to him. Though inside I was irritated by this horrible timing, I was able to avoid showing it on my face. Lev and Cecil stared at Azusa with intense interest.

“Never seen a face like yours before – all it takes is a single glance and I’d never forget a beauty like you. Hey, where are you from, Azusa?”

“W-What are you asking…!?”

“Is this your first time in this city? Ilias’s explanations are really serious – you must be bored, right? Wanna come play with me?”

“L-L-Lev! Saying something like that…!!”

“C’mon Cecil, simmer down. Virgins should keep their mouths a little more shut.”

He shut up and just watched on as Lev took Azusa’s hand and shortened the distance between them. Though his upturned eyes and smile looked cute, the way he acted was staunchly masculine; though perhaps this might be what Azusa referred to as a ‘gap’, this was something that I frankly couldn’t comprehend. [4] To Lev’s side, the flustered Cecil frantically tried to stop him; I couldn’t help but take pity on him. As Azusa worried over how he should respond, I hugged Azusa’s waist from behind and pulled him away from Lev. I heard the sound of Azusa’s sigh of relief against my chest.

“You guys are in the midst of your duties. Don’t slack off in a place like this; go back to work.”

“Yes, sir. Please excuse us!”

“It’s pretty sneaky of you to use your orders as our superior for stuff like this, ya know.”


“Yes yes, so-orry. Time to get back to work.”

Responding to Cecil’s warning with a wave of his hand, Lev saluted and said, ‘Well then, please excuse me,’ then turned and walked away. Cecil, who also saluted and asked to be excused all in a flurry, ran after Lev as if chasing him. As we stared at the backs of those two subordinates after they returned to their patrolling duties, I let go of Azusa’s waist, and we stood facing each other. Though he looked at me with a perplexed expression, I, unable to answer him, just lowered my head and bowed in apology. As his superior officer, it was up to me to apologize for the rude behavior my subordinate displayed; yet when I did so, Azusa said in a tight voice, “What are you doing! Raise your head!” Hearing his voice, I reflexively obeyed.

“It’s fine, okay! I don’t need you to do something like that…!”


“I don’t feel bad over it or anything, so I don’t need any apology.”

Because he trusted in the goodness of other people, he didn’t necessarily take guard against them. Though I wanted to make sure he knew that he didn’t have to just go along with them, Azusa grabbed my arm and pulled me over. It wasn’t important to solve this now, so I didn’t resist and allowed myself to be pulled along by Azusa as we walked. I wanted to know what was going on so I peered at Azusa’s face; even when he stared straight ahead, I could see that his ears had flushed red. I then remembered that the people of Nippon disliked attracting attention to themselves. The same should be said of Azusa.

Working knights could be said to draw eyes wherever they went in town, and when those two familiarly approached and spoke so loudly, they drew attention from the people around us. Furthermore, when I had bowed my head in apology after those two had left, even more people began looking over at us. It was so embarrassing that Azusa couldn’t stand it, so he made us leave as if running away… I finally understood up to there. I had gotten used to being stared at, so I hadn’t noticed the gazes upon us, but they must have been difficult to bear for Azusa. It was a bit sad to say, but so long as he was with me, he would need to become a little more used to it; though, perhaps it would make a big difference if he had been allowed to prepare his heart beforehand. I had unintentionally placed Azusa in such a troublesome position; from hereafter, I would have to take more care not to do so. I had learned one more thing about him, but it was mortifying how this came about because of my own disappointing failures.

“Though, it was a big help when you got me away from that shota. So, thanks.”[5]

These words that Azusa spoke in a truly tiny voice whilst facing straight ahead were, without a doubt, his true feelings.

It was certain that the reason he said them now was because he had seen my current state and wanted to lift my mood. Though perhaps he may have done it unconsciously, but when he spoke out to me just as I was about to fall into misery, it had startled me. There might never come the day where I would be able to match up to Azusa. Even though I’d been so caught up in myself, the words he gave me had made me so happy. I felt my face grew soft, but I tightened my expression to hide this as I chased after Azusa. There was nothing in the world which could pull apart my hand from his.

[1] Azusa is saying “IH”, shorthand for Induction Heating – heating stuff up using electricity.

[2] Japanese puns! The key word in this exchange is セントウ (sentou). Azusa says, “So it’s like in a public bathhouse (銭湯/sentou)~”, as in, the water operates via motion sensor like what you would find in public restrooms (and bathhouses, I suppose). Not knowing what the word ‘sentou’ means, Ilias tries to figure it out. “Azusa wouldn’t be able to head into battle (戦闘/sentou), and there’s no vanguard (先頭/sentou) here…”

[3] Loose translation. Ilias says 「私は自慢して歩きたいのだが…残念だな…」which, when translated word for word, means “Though I had wanted to walk boastfully… It’s too bad…” The results of the key phrase here in google brings up a ton of pictures of shiny, sparkling PDA couples. So, just imagine that Ilias also wanted to him and Azusa to be one of those blindingly cute and affectionate couples.

[4] Gap = short for gap moe, which is the term for when someone’s appearance doesn’t match their personality, making them seem cute/lovable.

[5] Shota = slang for little boy/someone with an appearance of a little boy. Counterpart of loli.

Translator’s Note

The two subordinates from the extras in Picked up a Strange Knight appeared! Azusa totally didn’t remember their names.

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Brought My Wife Back from Another World: Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The morning on which I returned with him

In the blink of an eye, the scenery of the Magicom Bureau’s office replaced Azusa’s nostalgic room.

Countless pillars with manastones embedded inside of them had been erected in this stone chamber, appearing to encircle the entire room. An ominous magical circle was engraved on the center of the floor. As I stood inside the circle whilst carrying Azusa, the afterglow of its pale light illuminated my feet. Once the wind had died off, I let him down on the ground. To him, this place must have been quite the curious sight. I watched him look around at his surroundings with great interest and felt relieved. Since this was Azusa, it wasn’t that I had thought he would panic or anything like that, but he had accepted this situation more easily than I had expected.

“This is frickin’ awesome… Never thought I’d see stuff like this outside of a ‘geemu’…

“Those exaggerated stage settings are similar to here, aren’t they.”

“Hm… those places sure borrowed a lot, huh?” [1]

My guess was correct, those were the places he was talking about… those phrases he loved to use, I had kept them in my heart. As a bitter smile came over my face, Azusa looked over with a scornful glare. Azusa, though you seem to think of me as a proper knight who had never sullied his hands, over this past year, I did whatever it took to bring you to my side. I wanted to keep him unaware of that side of me as much as possible. Unless he asked me to tell him, I had planned to never speak of it, but it seemed that the time to have this conversation had already come… Just as I had thought, the door to the teleportation room opened with a loud bang. I looked over in surprise to see the figure of one of the magic research staff.

“The teleportation sequence was a success, Garland. You did well!”

Spreading his hands, he rolled up the sleeves of his white robe while walking over. He stopped in front of the magic circle and started to study Azusa, his gaze practically licking him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. His staring was so detestable that I pushed myself in front of Azusa to protect him. Seeing my behavior, the man watched me with a smirk on his face. “So that’s how it is~” he muttered. If this man’s position were anything but the chief of the team, I might have chosen to just push past him.

“Hum, so this thing’s the person from the other world that you were so stuck on, Garland.”

“I would prefer if you would refrain from addressing him as ‘this thing’.” [2]

“I heard that he’s the inhabitant of a world so primitive that it doesn’t even have any teleportation technology, but… I get it – his looks are enough for you to have fun with him.”

“Please pardon me, but I had arrived in his world late at night. If it wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience, may you allow us to be excused?”

“I don’t want him break that easily, so I’ll let you do that.”

“As you say.”

I couldn’t hold back the scornful laugh that rose within me after I heard the unbelievable words this man, who saw other humans as nothing but animals for experimentation, said. Thanks to his interest having waned, he didn’t take offense at my scorn and left the room without turning back.

As the tense atmosphere in the room loosened, I heard the sound of a sigh come from behind me. After I met Azusa’s eyes, he smiled wryly and said, “That old guy sure was somethin’, huh?” Despite how that man had spewed a bunch of nonsense to ridicule him, Azusa didn’t feel any anger at that man’s derisive perception of him. From this, I felt the bountifulness of Azusa’s heart. In comparison, I felt disgusted with myself for not having immediately defended him in the face of that criticism.

“Hey, it’s fine. You don’t have to get involved with every person who starts talking shit. It’s less troublesome that way.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing you have to be sorry for.”

This person was able to perceive every thought that passed through my mind. I lowered my head, feeling sorry, and he roughly ruffled my hair. Just like that, this conversation had been settled. Once Azusa himself had said he didn’t mind, there was nothing else I could say, so all I could do was follow suit.

“Because of me, you had to go through so much over this past year… how frickin’ lame am I…”

Though I had the urge to rub my forehead against the back of his neck, I had to endure it here. His appearance as he was so earnestly embarrassed was so cute. Though, even if my mouth were split open, I wouldn’t dare to say that aloud.

Just as we were about to leave the teleportation chamber, I realized that Azusa wasn’t wearing any shoes. Of course he wasn’t – he had been resting in his room when I suddenly came to take him away in the middle of the night. That said, he wouldn’t be able to walk like this; I prepared to carry him once more, but was completely refused.

The day had long since ended, and other than those who were working the night shift, there wasn’t anyone left in the castle. The only people who’d be out and about at this time were likely in bars or brothels. Since the situation was like that, he agreed to let me carry him on my back. First thing tomorrow morning, I’d buy some shoes for Azusa.

“I wanted to ask you this from the start, but how many people know about my situation?”

“Good point… The ones who know are the people from the facility we’d just left, as well as the upper-ranking knights. The people who knew that I’d been gone for a year might also know.”

“Ah, I got it. Your report is their only source of information about Japan, so I’ll match it.”

“I’m sorry for making you bear my burdens with me…”

“I just don’t wanna rock the boat. Don’t worry about it.”

Then, Azusa yawned widely, breaking up the conversation. The heat and swaying of my body was probably making him drowsy. I told him that it was fine if he slept; though he replied in a sleepy voice that he was fine, after a short while, I heard him breathing softly, fast asleep. I wanted to hurry and let him sleep restfully in bed. Taking care not to wake him, I quickened my walking pace and hurried back home.

When I had sent my report on Nippon, I had falsified information whenever it was convenient.

The existence of manastones couldn’t be confirmed in this world, and its people couldn’t even recognize them. Therefore, to these other-worlders, teleportation technology was just a theoretical and fantastical theory. They used fire, water, etc. in primitive ways, ensuring them the minimum possible standard of living. Though they more or less had a social system, there did not exist any hierarchy or order in their society. The people of their country were at peace with each other, and they lacked things to fight. However, they had achieved their own unique evolution, and their defensive technology was on par with ours; yet due to their preference for self-isolation, it would be difficult to interfere in their matters.

It was concluded that this world did not pose any risk or need for involvement, and thus, Azusa was recognized as a man who had come from a world of such low standards. The truth was that the technological power of his world far surpassed our own, and there were many things which they could teach and share with us; it was a world where one could obtain boundless information. I had thought it better if I could personally prevent interference with that world. Azusa seemed to be of the same mindset, so I was relieved that I had chosen not to show off what I had learned.

Every time I had gone through the teleportation tests, I had the following day off to rest because of the possibility of abnormalities cropping up in my body.

Though the Knight Order seemed dissatisfied by my leaving to take arbitrary time off, in the face of an official order from the Magicom Bureau to take my physical condition into consideration, they had no choice but to agree. Though there had been cases where the test subjects broke out into fevers or headaches, the only time such an abnormality had occurred in me was when I had been swallowed up by the magical overflow. Though I usually felt guilty knowing that my subordinates were going to work as normal while I alone rested, I was grateful for my confinement this time.

I laid Azusa on the wide bed I had gotten for the both of us to sleep on. Azusa was still softly sleeping; I dropped a kiss to his forehead and quietly escaped. The first thing I had to do was prepare some shoes for him. Unlike in Nippon, we didn’t have a custom of taking off our shoes upon entering a room, so Azusa wouldn’t be able to move around as things were. I was more than willing to carry him whenever he wanted to go somewhere, but he would absolutely protest the idea, wouldn’t he.

Luckily, I knew the size of his feet. Back in Nippon, there was the time when Azusa was generous enough to lend me his clothing. I had brought up to him that my feet were too large, which led to me finding out his shoe size. I had been surprised by how small the shoes were and had wondered if they belonged to a woman, and Azusa had gotten angry and told me that they were the average men’s size in Nippon. Truthfully, I wanted to take my time selecting shoes for him, but I didn’t want to let Azusa wake up alone, so I purchased some simple shoes that could easily complement any outfit. I could come back to this store later. On my way home, I quickly purchased some ingredients for making breakfast.

Carrying the shoes in one hand, I once again opened the door to the bedroom. There, I saw Azusa sitting on the bed. The moment he saw my face, he smiled with a sigh of relief. I had made him wake up alone; a piercing feeling of guilt ran through me. To wake up alone in a foreign world, even though he ought to have woken from his sleep after hearing me speak a few words to rouse him, must have made him feel helpless and forlorn… Damn it, why hadn’t I been more considerate to him? As I reflected with my face turned down, I heard the sound of light laughter. I raised my head again and looked at Azusa, and he looked back at me with a gentle smile on his face.

“Why’re you looking so downcast, you.”

“No, I… because I’d gone out, you were left all alone, Azusa…”

“The heck’s with that, am I a kid or something. It’s fine, you know.”

He made a beckoning motion as if telling me to come over, so in accordance with his orders, I approached the side of the bed. Now, he slapped the bed cover to tell me to sit. I did as I was told and sat, and then I was powerfully hugged from the side. Though his face was buried in my chest, my head couldn’t process what was happening, so all I could do was become flustered.

“Hmm~~~~ haaaaaa. Iliaaas, you’re so…”

“A-Azusa…? What…?”

“I’ve been having an Ilias deficiency, so let me recharge a little.”

He said those discontented words while looking up at me with upturned eyes. I couldn’t believe my own ears… he was just, too adorable of a person! When I heard him mutter in a muffled voice that it helped him relax, the tenderness in my heart overflowed endlessly. I gently carded my fingers through his hair as if petting him, and the way he cuddled closer to me made him seem like a fickle black cat who had been tamed. I endured being hugged with all of my might; after a while, I came to enjoy it. Once Azusa felt at ease, he slowly pulled away. He looked over at me, his eyes sweet and enchanting, and this was the final straw for how much I could put up with.

I called his name, and this time, I was the one who embraced him. As if in natural response, his arms wrapped themselves around my back, making me feel both joy and arousal. I brought my face closer to his; Azusa had an expression that said he couldn’t wait any more, so he closed his eyes, releasing an incredible amount of sex appeal. As our lips met, I pecked soft kisses on him, and Azusa enthusiastically returned my kisses. I pushed the tip of my tongue between his lips, and as his mouth slightly opened, I slipped my tongue inside. I searched out and entangled my tongue with Azusa’s small one as if keeping it locked with mine. Azusa’s arms, which had circled around my back, tightened and gripped my clothing.


Stirred up by Azusa’s panted breath, I sucked on his trapped tongue. Azusa was weak to this move, and he became boneless in my grasp. So that he wouldn’t slip off, it would be good to wrap his arms around the back of my neck and support his head with one of my hands, I had thought – but his head had stayed in place, fixated against mine as I traced the line of his teeth and licked at his jaw.

“Haa, ngh…!”

Azusa would probably start to run out of breath if I didn’t let go of him soon, so I sucked on his tongue one last time before letting go of his lips. Azusa slightly opened his eyes in inquiry, and faced with that state of his, I felt piercing regret: if only he hadn’t opened his eyes!

His eyebrows had knit together as if in distress, and the depths of his eyes held a thin layer of tears. His cheeks were dyed red, and as he panted for breath, his small tongue peeked from his open mouth. The saliva that he couldn’t swallow shimmered at the corner of his lips. Azusa’s appearance was unbelievably obscene as he slowly opened his eyes, and whilst continuing to breathe roughly, he sweetly smiled at me. Just what manner of torture was this…? My body could no longer be held back by reason; before I knew it, I had already pushed Azusa back down onto the bed. His black hair fanned out over the white sheets, and as the morning light shone upon it, his hair seemed to shimmer.


I glided my lips from the base of his throat down to the line of his collarbone. Perhaps it caused a ticklish sensation, for Azusa let slip a giggle.

“Hey, c’mon, stop that.”

He rubbed the back of my head with his hand as if petting an animal, but I didn’t intend to stop. As I bit and sucked on the nape of his neck, I heard the sound of Azusa taking in a breath as trying to steady himself. Wanting to hear more, I slipped my hand into his shirt, but before I could reach my target, Azusa had blocked me.

“C’mon, I said to stop it. If we keep going like this, we’re going to end up spending every day in bed.”

“Ngh, I suppose you’re, right…”

It was as Azusa said. I had lost to my own lust and nearly whiled away an entire precious day… Whenever I’m in front of him, all of my rationale and sense disappears. It was shameful to realize that I was still so immature as a person.

“So? Where did you go when you ditched me and went off on your own in the morning?”

“Ah… I went to purchase shoes and ingredients for breakfast.”

“You serious? In that case, thanks. I didn’t eat a thing for dinner last night so I’m actually frickin’ starving over here.”

His innocently laughing appearance as he rose from the bed didn’t contain a single speck of the sexiness he’d displayed just a short while ago. I was stunned by how quickly he’d switched moods; I knew that he was originally someone who wasn’t easily swayed by sex, but he could even act like this now…Today, I had made plans to go out and purchase daily necessities and clothing for Azusa. Grateful that I had the opportunity to change my plans, I got off the bed and knelt down on one knee. Azusa looked over at me with a perplexed expression as I took his foot and settled it over my bent knee. Having guessed what I was doing, Azusa blushed furiously.

“Wai–hang on! I can put it on myself…!”

“I want to put them on you.”

Even if he complained that there wasn’t time for this, these were the items which I had painstakingly chosen and purchased for Azusa, so it would be good to yield the privilege of their first use to me. If he truly protested from the bottom of his heart, then I had planned to give up on it, but if there was any possibility of him allowing it, then I wanted to be the one to put these on him. As I looked up at him with these feelings hanging over me, Azusa turned his face away and muttered something in a small voice. Is it not alright? I asked once again, and Azusa covered his mouth with the back of his hand, with only his eyes darting over to look at me.

“Just do as you like…!”

His agreement which came in the form of a shy reprimand filled me with joy, and in good spirits, I was allowed to dress Azusa’s feet with my shoes.

[1] Azusa is talking about how this place looks like something out of a video game. To Ilias, Azusa’s sentence doesn’t fully translate – he basically hears ‘This is something out of a ゲーム!’. So Ilias has to guess what he’s talking about,,and from having listened to Azusa talk about this stuff before, he correctly assumes that Azusa is talking about his games’ fantasy world visuals. Even though Ilias isn’t familiar with games, he tries his hardest to keep up with the subject whenever Azusa talks about them… what a devoted husband (´;ω;`)

[2] The chief researcher uses the pronoun ‘sore’ for Azusa, which is the word used to describe objects. It’s equivalent to using ‘it’ when talking about a person.

Translator’s Note

I didn’t mention this before, but welcome back to Azusa and Ilias’s love fest~

It’s full of fluff, and we get to see a lot of Ilias’s home world. I enjoy the sequel a lot. Many thanks to Taro-sensei for writing such a cute story and healing our hearts!

Also, I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I drew some fanart stickers of Ilias and Azusa! They were originally for LINE, but I decided to make some of them into a free emoji pack on Discord. If you use Discord Nitro, you’re welcome to join this server and use the stickers while chatting with your friends. I’m not a chatty person so this server has no purpose other than providing these emojis though…

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Brought My Wife Back from Another World: Chapter 1

Author’s Note: This is the everyday life story of Mishiranu Kishi wo Hiroimashite “Picked up a Strange Knight”, set in another world.

Chapter 1
For he is none other than my fated partner

I, Ilias Garland, have spent half a year in another world whilst living in a land called ‘Nippon’.

Nippon is a land of great peace, or so I had been told. It was inconceivable for there to be such things as battlefields or guilds, and in this completely conflictless world, it was considered an absolutely scandalous action to venture out whilst sporting a sword or any other weapon.

That said, from early childhood, I had been raised to take on a position as a Knight of the Kingdom of Selentia and have always carried a sword. Later, I took up the mantle of living as a knight. Even during times of relative peace, there may still be a situation where the use of a sword could resolve a matter. I, for whom this was the everyday circumstance, could not imagine being told that I should not to carry a sword. If by chance I were attacked, then what was I to fight with? To the residents of this world, I was an utterly suspicious character. Would this not be begging to be killed? I could not help harboring such doubts, at first.

From there, what I first discovered was that this world had no manastones; instead, the people here substituted the use of manastones with other objects, and enjoyed a standard of living far greater than what could be found in my homeland. When I first witnessed this world where it was not necessary to fight, I suffered from immeasurable culture shock. What I had been told were not lies or exaggerations–they were all truth.

Smooth black hair which fell without tangling, and black eyes. Though the height seemed about average, overall there was a delicate appearance… Though these were a people who left only fleeting impressions, their land of Nippon, in which one could walk about late at night without being armed, was like something out of a dream.

I had been guarding a long-distance teleportation trial when, before my very eyes, a magical surge incident had occurred. I had yanked the arm of the technician who had nearly become swallowed up by it, but had landed myself within the area in the process. The teleportation sequence had started before I could leave, and by the time I realized I had been caught in the surge, it was already too late. Everything in front of my eyes was dyed white; at the same time, my body grew sluggish and I began to feel chills.

Unable to stand, I fell over on the spot–and that was the moment when the surge rose and teleported me away. I was unable to even confirm where I had landed, and my consciousness grew hazy… moreover, I felt cold. I had never before suffered from a fever, yet it was that such malady which prevented my body from moving as I willed it. Just as I prepared myself to die like this, a voice called out: You alright? When I looked over, what I saw was a man with a severely troubled expression peering over at me.

That was the first meeting between Azusa and I.

This man named Azusa seemed to have a personality where he couldn’t leave things alone, and after he had picked me up despite my sudden appearance out of nowhere, he easily sent me, an unfamiliar and armed person, into his home. The next I opened my eyes I was laying atop a bed, and there beside me Azusa stood.

I was unable to find a way to return, and in this world I was unable to even provide proof of my identity. Just as I was at a loss as to how I was going to live in this world, Azusa yet again saved me. He proposed that we live together in his home. He provided me with shelter, food, and clothing, and taught me the common knowledge and etiquette of this world. And when I had by chance come across some tableware which, though from Nippon, had a design similar to what I was familiar with, Azusa had purchased it for me in hopes of providing me with some small comfort of home. All in order to support a man who couldn’t do anything, and moreover when he didn’t have money to spare… yet his face didn’t show any inkling of reluctance, and he had sincerely put his heart into making me feel welcome. My fond thoughts of him became feelings of wanting to protect and cherish, and without consciously knowing it I began chasing after him with my gaze.

I began to learn the language of Nippon so that, even if only a bit, I could be less of a burden to him, and I also took responsibility for the housework as a way to help him. As Azusa had somehow mysteriously mastered speaking in my language, I had no difficulty in communicating with him and was glad to have this small mercy. That I was able to quickly learn the language of Nippon was thanks to Azusa.

It had been three months after I had been teleported into Nippon that I first received a message from Selentia’s Magical Communications Bureau. The Magical Communications Bureau, which had the nickname ‘Magicom Bureau’, was comprised of the most knowledgeable experts of the Kingdom… I had no idea why such people would have any business with me, a common knight. Most likely they wished to confirm my survival and update the upper limit of the teleportation’s possible distance. The bureau staff were pleased that I, their best test subject, yet lived, and after telling me that in half a year I would be able to return, they one-sidedly hung up. Though half of me was relieved to have finally found a way to return, when I thought that my days of living together with Azusa would soon come to an end, I began to feel sorrow. By that time I had already begun falling in love with Azusa, so the other half of me felt as if it were sinking.

Eventually, I must let him go– that was why I couldn’t confess to him my feelings. Yet even if one says that, if kept in an environment where by just extending a hand one can touch the person one loves, there will be limits to how much can be endured.

I will never forget the day in which, after drinking sake, I had gained the courage to touch Azusa for the very first time. Overwhelmed to the point of losing himself, Azusa had shivered beneath my caresses, submitting himself to my touch. However, his long and narrow eyes were damp and carried a questionable light within them, and he turned his powerful gaze upon me. Though he might have been the one being taken, the attitude he showed me said that our positions were, in fact, equal – and that was when I realized that I had completely fallen for him. Moreover, I must say that I deserved some praise for the mental strength it took for me to hold back at that time, for the sex appeal he had unleashed had raised goosebumps all over my body, and I would otherwise have surely run wild and ravaged him.

Though we began a sexual relationship, we hadn’t established any mutual feelings for each other. Azusa, perhaps, may have thought that we were just two good friends blowing off steam with each other. But as for myself, I felt his place within me growing ever larger and ever greater, and every time I touched him, the words ‘I love you’ sprang to my mouth, waiting to be unleashed. As I endured this urge, Azusa’s reaction to my touch changed; he became more spoiled and needy for me, making me unbearably happy. I overconfidently believed that even if we never spoke of them aloud, our feelings for each other were clearly mutual.

The climate changed to the scorching weather known as ‘natsu’, and for the first time in my life, I was taken on a vacation trip. In a facility known as a ‘ryokan’, we watched the ‘hanabi’, fire-lights which burst and spread through the sky. As the hanabi ended, I knew that words alone, in fact, weren’t enough; our understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings weren’t matching up. I wished to convey to Azusa what I really and truly wanted, but when Azusa had told me, “For my sake, please, don’t say it,” I closed my mouth. Even in such a state, he urged me into having sex with him, and I was unable to resist my instincts… much less when I had just been on the verge of inserting inside him, and he pleaded for me to put it in. Though my body felt pleasure, my heart felt as if tortured… this was the first time I had ever engaged in such a difficult and painful act.

I had intended to return without telling him my feelings. The night before the teleportation, our bodies came together for the final time. The words I had been holding back finally refused to be suppressed – I couldn’t stop myself from saying, just once, “I love you.” Tears flowed from my eyes as I told him my feelings, and Azusa responded with a heartbroken smile. In the end, as I had thought, he wouldn’t tell me his feelings… but even so, I wanted to dedicate all of myself to him.

On the fated day, he had been surprised when I had pledged my fidelity as a knight to him, and just as the teleportation sequence began to transport me away, he told me – “Take me with you.” “I love you, too,” he said. Just how cruel, how much more wretched could fate be? Why, why did he and I have to be born in different worlds… My vision faded as a white light enveloped all, and the Azusa who had been with me every day now disappeared. Thus, the curtain closed on my trip to another world.

“There is no guarantee that this will be safe. This is, of course, also in regards to the person of the other world that you say you would like to bring back with you.”

“I understand.”

They didn’t care at all for the safety of their specimen, and only wished to see a new test result, didn’t they… Though I ignored the words of the magical engineer as he customarily explained the safety procedure, I had long ago drummed the vital points into my head.

Sustained by the words Azusa had said at the very end–those words of ‘Bring me with you’– I had thrown myself into my work, tirelessly striving over this past year. My rank had risen from common knight to Knight Captain, and because I was considered a survivor of another world, I was made to meet with the Magical Bureau countless times, gradually gaining their confidence.

The result of this was, to intentionally choose to travel to a specifically-selected other world. Moreover, with the assurance that if I were in the designated area at the correct time, I would be able to return. The purpose of this return trip was, conforming with both my hopes and the test matter of the Magical Bureau, to bring a person from the other world back with me. In truth, I’d thought that it would take more time to make this happen, but the Magical Bureau’s drive for research was truly terrific.

Since there was no way to guarantee the safety of one’s life through this experiment, there wasn’t anyone willing to become its test subject; yet, miraculously, there was myself, who was engulfed in my need to return immediately to the voice I heard in my dreams – Azusa’s voice, telling me to bring him with me. I traveled to other worlds, and brought back people from those worlds. I wondered whether the Kingdom had nothing to say over this result, but then I learned that the Magical Bureau was keeping this time’s teleportation under wraps. The worst-case scenario would be that the Magical Bureau’s relationships with the other governmental bureaus would worsen, and they would be seen as self-interested in keeping their technology to themselves.

“The preparations are complete. Very well then; let’s begin the teleportation.”

Though I had heard this line many times before, this time, my mood soared. I’ll be able to meet Azusa again. Just that thought made me want to shout with joy. Finally, I reached into the pocket of my pants one last time to confirm that what I needed was there, and closed my eyes while suppressing the impatience in my heart.

When I opened my eyes, a nostalgic and familiar sight was laid out before me.

Though a year had passed since I last visited it, nothing had changed in Azusa’s room. The only thing of note was that the owner of the room was sleeping on the sofa with his suit on. The convenience store bento which he had likely purchased for dinner had been left as it was on the table, and his coat and suit jacket had been thrown carelessly over the back of the sofa. I went down on a knee to peer closer at Azusa, and found that his face was pale with terrible bags beneath his eyes, and his cheeks had become more hollow. The passage of time was different between the Kingdom of Selentia and Nippon. Over here, only half a year should have passed, so what in the world had happened to him… The reason why his face had become like this was because of me, wasn’t it… When that thought occurred to me, I was unable to make myself stop looking at him.

“Azusa, you’ll catch a cold in a place like this.”

I shook his body as gently as I could. He shrugged it off and turned over as if to say that he didn’t want to, but it would worry me if he didn’t wake, so I shook him once again. His eyelids languidly lifted.

“…… Eh?”

Tenderness overflowed from my heart as I watched Azusa rub his eyes, then do a double take as he looked at me. In contrast to my reaction, Azusa’s face had an expression as if he couldn’t believe his very eyes, and he didn’t move at all. I found it indescribably cute how he had reacted exactly as I’d expected, but the unhealthiness of his appearance made me feel pained, as well. I knew this wasn’t something I could fix just by my touch; yet, wanting to bring some relief to Azusa’s heart, I touched my hand to Azusa’s small cheek.

“You’ve lost so much weight… The bags beneath your eyes are terrible. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time…”


He called out my name, and when I responded, he seemed to become even more confused. In his perspective, a man who had disappeared for half a year had now reappeared late at night in his room, without any sign or warning, so it was natural for him to be confused. There were many things I wanted to explain to him, but there wasn’t enough time for dallying. While I could explain everything to him after we had returned, what I first needed to do was obtain his consent.

“Azusa, I just have one thing I wanted to ask. The words you spoke during the teleportation, do you still mean them, even now?”

“The words I spoke…?”

“ ‘Take me with you’, was what you told to me.”

Even now, I still remembered clearly how he had frantically shouted and run after me, his body shaky and unsteady because of how forcefully we had embraced the night before. The words he’d said had become the pillars of my motivation, but for him, perhaps he had gotten carried away from seeing the teleportation and had only spoken those words on the spur of the moment. That was why, it was vital to ascertain his true feelings. One could say that coming to meet him like this, was just for my own selfish purposes. I was well aware that Azusa was entirely in his right to refuse, but I pleaded inside – don’t say no. Please, forgive me for wanting to take you away from the world in which you had been born and raised. As I waited for his response, I gazed at him while feeling as if in prayer.

Even now, it’s still the same, he responded, while shyly diverting his gaze. His response made me so happy that my face slackened, but a moment later, I tightened my expression. In the pocket that I had checked before teleporting, the feeling of the solid object nestled inside was still the same. Azusa had told me that in Nippon, it was customary to place a ring on the ring finger as a symbol for one’s marriage. Now, I extracted a ring from my pocket, and slowly placed it upon the ring finger of he who had taught me this. I had never thought the day would come where I would place this ring upon his finger; I’d had it made only to serve as something to remember him by, but… This ring was made to be able to serve its purpose as it dully shone on Azusa’s ring finger.

“The arrangements took a while, but I finally came back. Azusa, let’s get married.”

Stunned, Azusa kept looking back and forth between this ring and my face, and then, a line of tears flowed from Azusa’s eyes. Unable to get any words out, he nodded over and over again while tears kept falling from his eyes in small splashing droplets. My once-in-a-lifetime proposal had been successful; I let out the breath which I had unconsciously held, and began to wipe the tears from Azusa’s eyes. The loveliness of his appearance as he was so happy to accept that he cried, was far too unfair.

“I had decided that I absolutely wanted to propose the way that it is done in your world. That I let you feel such loneliness during this half a year, I apologize.”

“For—for real…! You’re… damn late…!”

“It was my wrong. From here on, I’ll never let you experience such a feeling again. Though even if you were to say no, I don’t think I would be capable of letting you go.”

The way he responded as usual was so nostalgic that it made my face grow soft. Those were times where whenever he reflexively rebutted me with a snappy phrase, my response was to laugh happily. As the determined time arrived, a magical formation once again formed beneath our feet. Surprised by the rising wind, Azusa looked up at me anxiously.

“It’s time. Azusa, let’s make the leap.”

“Thi—this, what am I supposed to be doing…?!”

“It’s alright, just hold on to me.”

Azusa was flustered as I stood. I brought my face closer to his to better control my movements as I placed my arms behind his knees and back, and lifted him up. After Azusa wrapped his arms around my neck, we were ready.

“Thank you, Azusa. I will absolutely make you happy.”

“What’re you saying—I’ll be the one who’s going to make you happy, Ilias.”

To him, who had decided to throw away his life in Japan and choose to a life with me in Selentia, I had wanted to give him my heartfelt thanks. But instead, he returned my words to me, making me burst out with a laugh. This Azusa-like response was truly so much better. In response, Azusa pouted sullenly as if to say ‘Excuse you, what’re you laughing at!’, but in the next moment, he shyly looked up at me. As I thought – for me, there could be no one else but him.

For this person, who had abandoned everything to be with me, I strongly wished to bring him happiness.

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