What is ‘Renta!’ ?

Renta! is a Japanese web novel and manga site which ‘rents’ books, primarily romance books aimed at female audiences. You may have seen advertisements for its English counterpart on the web. The way it works is that, in order to read books, you will have to add them to your inventory by trading ‘tickets’ which cost 108 yen (or about $1) each. Most books on Renta! are priced at 1 ticket, though some may cost more.

Furthermore, there are different time limits to books you purchase from Renta!. Most books have unlimited time (you buy them once and you can read them forever), but some have time limits where you can only ‘rent’ the right to access the book, and after that time expires you have to rent it again to reread it.

Fortunately, Picked up a Strange Knight is sold for unlimited time, so after buying any of its volumes you can open it up again whenever you like.


Setting up a Renta! account

The English version of Renta! only sells their English-translated works, so to purchase any Japanese novels or manga you will have to go through the Japanese site.


First, click on the top right icon to create a new account.
In the next page, enter the following information: your email address (which will be used to log in your ID), your password, your nickname/username, a gender (male/female), birthdate (year/month/day), and finally, whether you would like to view mature content (yes/no/decide later). Click on the green button at the bottom of the page to proceed.
The site will take you to a page which says they have sent a confirmation email to your email address. Open your email to continue.
In the email from Renta!, there will be a long URL in the body text. Click on this URL to verify your account.
The URL will take you to a page which requests you to input the password you chose for your Renta! account, and displays your associated email and username. Enter your Renta! password and click on the green button.
The site will confirm your account registration and provide links to browse works or return to the homepage. You have now finished creating your Renta! account.


How to purchase from Renta!

Let’s head over to the page of the work we want to purchase. In this case, we have the beautiful Mishiranu Kishi o Hiroimashite page.



Scroll down on the page of the work you’d like to purchase until you see a list of volumes marked with pink headers. The first volume typically has three buttons next to it. The first is a grey “read a sample” button, which lets you read the first couple of pages. The second is a read “Read for free”, which (I believe) lets you read the entire volume instantly. The third is a white button with green text and a large number at the side. This button is the “purchase in exchange for X tickets”. Click on this button in order to proceed with the purchase.
If you don’t have enough tickets in your account, Renta! will redirect you to the ticket purchase page. This page helpfully displays different amounts of tickets you can buy, as well as the corresponding price in Yen. When you buy packs of 30, 50, or 100 tickets, you receive a few bonus as well. Note that each volume of Picked up a Strange Knight costs only 1 ticket, which is equivalent to 108 yen or 1 dollar.
After selecting how many tickets you would like to buy, you will be sent to a page which lists various methods of payment. I recommend using Paypal for most overseas transactions, but if you would like to use a credit or debit card, as long as they are among the list on the page then Renta! will accept them even if you are using a foreign/overseas card.
If you select Paypal, you have a chance to change your payment method or your purchase amount using the top buttons. If it looks good, you can click on the bottom button to proceed to Paypal and finish your transaction.
If you elect to use a credit or debit card, the first two buttons allow you to change your purchase amount or your payment method. Otherwise, input your card info as usual (the form is self-explanatory if you’ve done enough online card transactions).
Once you complete your ticket purchase, Renta! will take you to a confirmation page. Click on the button with the long text to continue with obtaining the actual book.
Renta! will now take you to a page confirming if you would like to purchase the book. In the example picture, because the book is the first volume, there is an option to rent the book for free for a limited 48-hour period. However, you could read it for free in the first place from syosetsu so let’s go ahead and purchase permanently for 1 ticket. Once you hit ‘purchase’, a pop-up window will appear with the web novel inside of it. You can now enjoy the story and images!
If you close the pop-up window, you can always go back to reread the book by going to your inventory or returning to the item page, where there is a new button by your purchased volume. The small grey button with a book and the word “yomu” will open the book window again whenever you would like to read it.

Congratulations! You have now finished purchasing a book from Renta!

Bonus: Rating a novel


On Renta!, it is possible for members to select some of their ‘thoughts’ on the book by hitting several tags and submitting them. It is also possible to leave reviews, however, if you’re depending on my guide to set up an account then it’s probably not a good idea to leave a review on a Japanese site.

The impressions are easy to submit. All you have to do is select whichever tags you feel are relevant and hit the vote button. Here is a translation of each tag:

神 [Kami]: Amazing, godly
ストーリー重視  [SUTOORII juushi]: Plot-heavy, emphasis on story
あまあま [ama ama]: Sweet, fluffy
病み系 [yami kei]: Literally 病み = to become sick, illness, disease, 系 = system. I assume this tag is something like “edgy” or “chuuni”
オシャレ [OSHARE]: Trendy, possible “mainstream”
初心者向け [shoshinsha muke]: Intended for beginner readers
上級者向け [joukyuusha muke]: Intended for advanced readers
笑える [waraeru]: Funny, comedic
胸キュン [mune KYUN]: Heart-thumping, exciting
アツい [ATSUI]: Hot
ほのぼの [honobono]: Heartwarming
癒される [iyasareru]: Healing, makes you feel healed
泣ける [nakeru]: Tear-jerking
切ない [setsunai]: Painful, heartrending
萌え [moe]: Cute AF
エロい [eroi]: Erotic
ダーク [DAAKU]: Dark
スリリング [SURIRINGU]: Thrilling
スタイリッシュ [SUTAIRISSHU]: Stylish (possibly in a more ‘avant-garde’ sense than the trendy/stylish of オシャレ)
リアル [RIARU]: Realistic, in the gritty reality sense
深い [fukai]: Deep
シリアス [SHIRIASU]: Serious
王道 [oudou]: The infamous ‘Royal Road’ term. Actual meaning is “easy method; simple approach; short-cut“, as in ‘written using the easy method’. Web novel style.
シュール [SHUURU]: Surreal
独創的 [dokusouteki]: Creative, original
男性もOK [dansei mo OK]: Also OK for men to read (Renta! is full of shoujo-like romance and BL, so they even have this tag…)

Once you’ve selected the tags you like, press the Vote button and you will be informed that the votes are updated at 10AM Japanese time.



6 replies on “How to make a Japanese Renta! account

  1. Thanks for such a great guide, the screenshots were super helpful! I can’t read any japanese but just seeing the illustrations is enough for me ;-; I bought all three volumes to show support for such a great author thats coughwillingtogointodetailaboutthesexyscenescough!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Waaaaa thank you!!! Really glad that the guide helped!!! And agreed, an author who writes such, ahem, descriptive scenes must be cherished… ( ̄∇ ̄)


  2. Muchas gracias por la guia! no tengo un gran conocimiento de japones como para manejarme tan fácilmente por la pagina, pero tenia muchas ganas de comprar ciertos mangas e incluso utilizarlos para practicar algo del idioma !!!! Se que no es como tenerlo en papel pero es un alivio para acceder al contenido mas facilmente.!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Goddamn I just found out the site is blocked in my country 😭

    I’m afraid to use vpn as well since the one I have is free vpn :”


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