Aloof King and Cool-Acting Queen – Ch 43: The meaning of that flower is

It was in the evening of the next day that Leo-sama came to pick me up.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting. How is your body feeling?”

“It’s alright. This morning, Elias told me about what had happened when I had been asleep. Thank you so much for all of the things you’ve done for me. I heard that you had also worked to resolve the matter with the Royal Prince peacefully.”

“Yeah. It’s not the best idea for the Caspar of today to jump into war. Don’t think any more of it.”

“Even so, I’m still very grateful. Thank you.”

Leo-sama, who once again told me ‘Don’t worry about it’, seemed as if he was a bit shy.

“Like I said yesterday, there’s something that I wanted to show you, Haruto. Will you be alright if we walk a little?”

Because of the magic that Alex had put on me, my physical condition was completely free of problems. “Yes,” I replied to Leo-sama, and followed after him.

I went walking together with Leo-sama through the royal castle. The path we took really felt as if we were going through a secret passageway, for after going past a moving bookshelf, we entered what seemed to be an underground waterway. I would never be able to get through this place again on my own, I thought, and then I saw a blurry light at the end of the dark passageway.

There, I saw the heaviest and most massive set of doors that I’d ever seen, along with magical lights illuminating either side of them.

“We’re here,” Leo-sama uttered briskly, and with his right hand he traced some kind of word over the doors. It seemed that this action had the same effect as using a key. A heavy creaking sounded, and the doors opened inwards.

“This is what I wanted to show you. Come inside.”

At Leo-sama’s urging, I went inside. I didn’t mention a single thing about how mysterious this all seemed.

Beyond the doors was a place filled with lush greenery, with small white flowers blooming here and there. And then, in the center was enshrined an enormous tree brimming with purple flowers. Those were the flowers which were my absolute favorites of all, but which I had given up on ever seeing in this world.

“How could there be wisteria in a place like this?”

I asked this question, stunned.

“So this really is the flower that you’d told me was the one you loved most, earlier. The reason I was surprised when you showed me that picture was because I was happy that I would be able to show this to you. This place was created by the first King for the first Prime Minister. The Prime Minister had also loved this flower, so he had raised the condition that in order for him to agree to marriage, this flower would have to be found. From then on, this place was passed down as the location where each successive King would pledge their love to their one and only.”

For him to have brought me to such an important and significant place, it was impossible for me to feel anything other than happiness flowing through me.

“Haruto, for now and forever, stay with me.”

“Of course I will.”

I was finally able to give him my answer. Tears naturally started falling from my eyes.

For a while, I gazed at the wisteria without saying a word.

After a while, the tears stopped, and I was finally able to bring myself to look at Leo-sama.

“Leo-sama, in that pitcture book, each and every flower depicted is said to have its own unique meaning. It’s called ‘the language of flowers’, and in that language, the wisteria means ‘Never shall I leave you’.1 The first Prime Minister surely knew this, and that’s why he asked for this flower.”

“So that’s it. This is the reason why everybody came here to make their vows, huh.”

And then, another long while of quiet passed between us. To me, this time I spent held within Leo-sama’s arms was something that I would surely never forget.

Note: The next chapter contains mature content.

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Translator’s Note

This is the finale of the story; the main plot has finally wrapped up.

Thanks to the author Kasumi Ritsu/霞律先生 for writing this story, and thanks to saekichi of Wisteria Translations and BlackMaskedPhantom for their work in bringing us to this point 🙂

The next chapter, 44, takes place in the bedroom, and chapter 45 is the epilogue (about a paragraph long). I’ll release them together at a later date. [EDIT: The translator Amaryllideae finished them!]

In the meantime, please check out the other story I’ve translated, Picked up a Strange Knight/見知らぬ騎士を拾いまして! It’s one of my all-time favorite BL web novels. The main story is already fully translated, and I’m just working on the last omake + the sequel now. The author, Taro/たろ先生, is a wonderful person and an amazing writer, so I really hope you guys will check out her work. ( ´∀`)

  1. ‘I cling to thee’ in Victorian English, according to some dubious blogs and sites. 

Aloof King and Cool-Acting Queen – Ch 42: Awakening

Haruto’s perspective.


When I woke up, it was to a room in darkness.
There wasn’t a single inkling in my mind of how long I’d been asleep.

Yet when I looked over to the side, I saw Leo-sama; in his sleep, he had nearly slumped over on my bed. Since even on a normal day of work I usually had quite a lot of things to attend to, I began to feel a mix of emotions – that feeling of wanting to leisurely rest in my own room, and the happiness that came from being able to spend time together with him.

I shifted about quietly as I moved, but despite my efforts, Leo-sama woke up.

“Haruto! You woke up. Thank god.”

He embraced me within his strong arms and spoke, his words gentle.

“I’m sorry for having caused you such worry. Yet I hope you can forgive me, now that I’ve woken up.”

“Yeah. Of course I will. Just please, spare me, and keep yourself from doing anything as crazy as that in the future. My heart can’t take it.”

After saying that, he stroked my head and turned the light on in the room. With that, I was then able to see that the color of my hair had returned to its original black color, catching me off guard. Even though we’d been getting along so naturally just moments ago, once he found out about this, I doubted whether I would be able to continue being able to live by Leo-sama’s side. Even though this was the one thing that I’d kept hidden from him the entire time, why…

“Leo-sama, I’m sorry. My hair – it’s this color. And my eyes, too.”

I said that while turning my face down. I was afraid of how he would react, and I couldn’t bear to look at any part of Leo-sama.

“I heard the story from Alexei-sama after I had invited him here for your treatment. I’m sorry that you felt you had to worry over this for so long. But, you know, once you’ve actually taken a good look at it, it really is a beautiful color.”

This reaction was something completely unexpected, and I had no idea how to respond.

“You don’t think that it’s frightening?”

“I heard that it may be that way in other countries, but in Caspar, it has a relatively positive image. For you see, one of the founders, the first Prime Minister of this country, was someone whose hair was this color, as well.”

Ahh, that’s right. There were various cultures whose founders I had thought were possibly Japanese, but I had never been able to confirm whether they had black hair and black eyes.

“Since we have such a rare opportunity, let’s use it so that you can live with your natural color. It would only cause mayhem if we told the truth, so let’s say that the change in your hair and eye colors was caused by your illness.”

If I knew that he would’ve accepted this so easily, it would’ve been better if I’d told him about it from the start.

“Is this really okay? To leave it like that.”

“It’s fine. More importantly, do you remember the promise we made before the ceremony? I want to fulfill it.”

That’s right.

I’d made him wait for this for so long.

“I understand.”

“Then in any case, sleep well for tonight. As soon as I’ve finished tomorrow’s government affairs, I’ll call for you.”

As he spoke this gently, he enveloped me in the blankets.

And then, just when I was about to fall asleep once more, I had a moment of full consciousness where I had the thought that I was glad that I was here, in this world, for at some point, it had become the place where I felt most at home.


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Aloof King and Cool-Acting Queen – Ch 41: Parental Love

Leo-sama’s perspective.



I received a violent punch, and the taste of iron spread through my mouth.

Hurriedly raising my right hand to restrain the knights, who were reaching for their swords, I faced His Highness Alexei.

“I sincerely regret the inconvenience I have caused by inviting you here so suddenly. Moreover, for having involved your daughter in the battles of my country, I can only give you my deepest apologies.”

I deeply lowered my head.

After becoming Emperor, I tried not to readily lower my head to others.

In this instance, however, I felt that no matter which way I apologized, it wouldn’t be enough.

“No need; in all honesty, I’m not satisfied with only punching you once. But in any case, please show me to where Shane is.”

“Of course. I will leave this matter to your hands.”



We entered the room, and His Highness Alexei had everyone other than myself leave. While looking through the medical examination documents that the medic team had left behind, he used his magic to create some kind of medicine for Haruto to swallow.

After a while, he took Haruto back to the futon, and turned back to look in this direction.

“Shane’s body has a constitution that is resistant to magic. That said, I had looked for a countermeasure back in Orania, and so I was able to treat him. He may wake up as early as tomorrow.”

At those words, I let out a sigh of relief.

“Your Majesty. I would like to talk to you for a bit, if it wouldn’t trouble you?”

Contrasting my relief, the look on His Highness Alexei’s face wasn’t pleasant.

After passing on the responsibility of Haruto’s care to the medic team, he and I departed from the room.



When the two of us once again confronted each other, I felt that I might be swallowed up by the intense atmosphere emitted by His Highness Alexei.

He was a strange person who had abdicated his right to the throne, and despite possessing a rare talent for magic, managed the garden of the royal palace.

The number of people who spoke disdainfully of him weren’t few.

However, they were entirely off the mark.

“Your Majesty, this may be quite sudden, but it’s about Shane’s coloration. What you had called me here for, and what you may have already realized, was about the effect of that medicine. That black hair is, in actuality, his natural hair color. There are no excuses I could give to possibly apologize for what must seem like such deceit. But please, at the very least, do not blame Shane for this.”

“Of course. That won’t be an issue. I feel that I must apologize to Haruto for making him go through such unnecessary efforts. Moreover, I want to take this as an opportunity for him to live a life with his original hair color. Yet if his hair color were to suddenly change, it may lead to needless speculation, so I wonder if it would be better to say that it happened for the sake of treating his disease.”

“So that’s what you were thinking. Thank you; I’m truly grateful.”

I got the impression that Alexei’s facial expression had softened.

“So Haruto had told you about his name, had he. Seems like things have been going much better than I had expected.”

“Yes. I promised him that we would create a land of clear and bright skies together.”

He nodded as if to say ‘So that’s how it is’ with a gentle expression on his face.

“Your Majesty might have already somewhat noticed this, but Haruto and I aren’t related by blood. However, in Orania, we got along just the same way as any other parent and child.”

This sudden confession was also not a surprise.

Whether you considered his bodily constitution’s resistance to magic, or the color of his air, his facial features, body shape…

No matter what you looked at, there wasn’t any similarity to be found.

“One day, Haruto had all of a sudden fallen in front of my house. At that time, he couldn’t properly speak the common language, and had even been surprised by magic. I realized that Haruto must certainly have had some sort of extraordinary circumstance behind him. However, I chose not to force the story out of him. I thought that I should wait until Haruto told me of his own volition. However, before that could happen, he was sent to Your Majesty to be wed.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, but he only just replied, “No, no,” while laughing.

“To be honest, when that decision had been made, I even thought that it would be better to wage war against Caspar. I was ready to go myself to fight on the battlefield when I asked Haruto if he was really alright with this. All I wanted was for Haruto to be happy. Because he had come to Orania and lived with me as if he were my own child, I couldn’t stand for him to become unhappy.

“Yet it seemed that I had only been experiencing some needless worry. Even in Orania, I had heard of the good relationship between the two of you. Of how Haruto had, indeed, made for an excellent Empress. Every time I heard that said, I couldn’t help but swell up with pride.”

His Higness Alexei took a sip of tea.

When I heard His Highness speak this story, I felt a pain in my chest.

Just what should I do to be able to give back to Haruto all of the happiness and joy that he has given to others?

“I’ve been speaking for too long. Since Haruto doesn’t seem to have any further problems with his condition, it’s about time that I take my leave. There’s still work to do in the garden, hm.”

“Then let us prepare a carriage for you. Please wait a moment.”

Before I could call a servant, His Highness Alexei stopped me.

“No need; it’s fine. I can return via magic, after all.”

Though I couldn’t imagine possibly doing such a thing with magic, myself, if it were His Highness Alexei, then he definitely could. Thus, I accompanied him to the castle gate to send him off.

“Then, I ask of you – please make Haruto someone who is even more full of joy.”

As we parted, he took my hand and told me this.

“Yes. I swear.”

His Highness Alexei gave a small nod and said,

“Then the next time, for sure, I ask that the two of you come to Orania together.”

As he spoke, he took a single step beyond the castle gates, and in the next instant, His Highness Alexei’s figure was nowhere to be found.

It was truly formidable, the extent to which magic could be used.

When I thought of how he had said that he had felt it would be better to go to war against Caspar, I couldn’t help but feel that there would be a definite chance of their winning.



Two days after that, Haruto opened his eyes.



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Translator’s Note

Halfway through, I suddenly realized that the raw had started calling him “His Highness Alexis”. I had a crisis over whether I had been getting his name wrong the entire time.

Aloof King and Cold (Acting) Queen – Ch 40: Fist Punch

Leo-sama’s perspective.


The moment when the attack magic’s light flared, what came into my sight was Haruto’s figure as he collided against the ground.


In such heavy shock, I wasn’t able to keep in mind that I should be using his false name.

More importantly, I rushed over to Haruto’s side.

I held Haruto’s body within my arms, and with all of my might, I shouted his name.

As if responding to my call, Haruto extended his right hand toward me.

It was a small relief to know that he still retained consciousness, but the moment when I attempted to take his hand, Haruto’s right hand lost its strength and fell to the ground.

His faintly whispering voice as he said “I’m sorry” was, to me, an absurdly deafening sound.



“Haruto, open your eyes! You promised me we would make a land of clear skies together, didn’t you! Hurry up and open your eyes…”

I desperately called out to him, but he gave me no response.

Behind me came the sounds of Kristoff shouting for a rescue team, and Eckhart commanding the knight squads. 1

And then, suddenly before my eyes, I saw the younger brother of Trancia’s King, fallen on his backside and his eyes wide open with shock.

The moment his figure entered my eyes, I couldn’t suppress my fury.

“Bastard, you came here to let yourself die. As a result, you drove the Queen to fall into this state. Tell me, how will you take responsibility for this?”

These words overflowing with anger were spoken quietly.

Even so, the Royal Prince’s body shook so much that he was unable to spit out any clear words from his mouth.

To save an oafish man like this, Haruto was now hovering at the boundary of life and death—when that thought crossed my mind, my hand reached toward the sword at my hip.

“If you can’t think of a way, then allow me to settle it with my own hand.”

So I said, as I gently laid Haruto on the floor and drew my sword.

Slowly, I approached the Royal Prince.

However, the moment I raised my sword, Eckhart came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder.

“Leo-sama, do you mean to disregard Shane-sama’s intentions? Killing the Royal Prince here will just be playing into Trancia’s hands. Please allow the Knight Order and I to handle the rest from here. The rescue team has also arrived, so please remain by Shane-sama’s side.”

After being admonished, I regained a bit of composure.

“Sorry. Thanks.”

It would only make things needlessly chaotic if I were to stay here, agitated as I was. Thus, I followed after Haruto and the rescue team.



“How is Shane’s condition?”

As we left the room, I asked this question to the rescue team’s leader.

“Sir. Although I am not yet able to make a definite diagnosis, it is unusual that the magic blast did not seem to have much of an impact on the Queen’s body. Although the bruises caused from having been blown away by the magic shockwave are severe, I believe that this is something that can be cured using our healing magic. As such, please rest assured.”

I doubted whether there could really have been no impact from taking the brunt of such a blast of magic, but perhaps this was the silver lining on our misfortune.

After receiving this report, I was finally able to calm down.

Then, the thought struck me that I was behaving foolishly as someone who was supposed to be an Emperor.

When in the midst of such an incident that will shake the entire country, if I neglected to provide direction for my people, then what were they to do?—I thought.

“Squad leader, forgive me—I must return to the assembly hall. If there is anything wrong with Shane’s body, I ask that you report it to me immediately.”

After requesting that, I parted from Haruto’s side.



And thus, two days later, the events had finally settled.

The public, both within and outside of this country, hadn’t been made aware of the situation in the slightest.

Of course, the situation I was referring to was that of Haruto’s condition.

For the past two days, the condition of Haruto’s body had been fluctuating between better and worse.

Although the initial diagnosis had been that recovery magic would be enough to cure him, in reality, almost none of the magic showed any effect on Haruto.

It was for that reason that Haruto’s own bodily strength became the key that held his life and death in the balance.

What happened next occurred in the middle of a meeting with various concerned parties on how we would deal with the aftermath.

The squad leader rushed into the conference room, an unusual expression on his face.

“Your Majesty, something serious has occurred. The Queen’s hair color has turned entirely black.”



I hurried over to Haruto’s room, and sure enough, Haruto was laid there with jet black hair spread over the sheets.

“Is this an effect of the treatment?”

“No, the magic we used would not have this kind of result.”

“Then what caused this?”

“That is something we still do not know. It had just turned this color, all of a sudden.”

After being told such, what came to me then was that perhaps this had come about because of the medicine Haruto had been taking.

“Shane had been regularly taking medicine ever since he had come here for our marriage. I believe it was once every two or three days. It could be that you might be able to find a clue on his treatment from that medicine. Please investigate immediately.”

After I gave this command, I was quickly notified of the results.



“Your Majesty, that medicine was something completely unexpected. The magic contained within it is something that even magicians such as us are unable to decipher.

“However, we were just barely to analyze that it seems it is somehow related to changing something’s color. As such, in some way, shape, and form, this magic had also been affecting the Queen.

“Yet for such advanced magic such as this, it is most likely only His Highness Alexei, the Queen’s father, who would be able to provide any further insight.”

A grave atmosphere settled around us.

What the squad leader was saying, in other words, was that without His Highness Alexei, we wouldn’t be able to save Haruto.

Meaning that we had no choice but to reveal our country’s circumstances to Orania.

But, this wasn’t the time to waver.

I would do whatever it takes to get the healing magic to Haruto as soon as possible.

“Send a magical communication to His Highness Alexei of Orania immediately. It doesn’t matter how you do it, and you are to report anything and everything to him if needs must.”



His Highness Alexei arrived half a day after we had sent the magical communication.

Just what kind of magic had he used to reach us this quickly? When I considered the unfathomable talent for magic that His Highness Alexei must have, I couldn’t help but feel awe and uneasiness.

Thus came my first meeting with this man whose figure was burlier and sturdier than I could have ever imagined, considering how delicate Haruto was.

“I am honored to meet you for the first time. I am Leonhart Caspar; pleased to make your acquaintance. I express my sincerest gratitude to you for coming all this way despite the suddenness of the message.”

“I’m Alexei Orania. Your Majesty, right now, please clench your teeth.”

Ha? Before I could even ask him to repeat what he’d said, a brutal impact slammed against my right cheek.


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  1. Not sure how the previous translators wrote this guy’s name. Ekaruto / Ecart / Eckhart 

Aloof King and Cold-Acting Queen – Ch 39: A turn for the worse

The party that arrived from Trancia was surprisingly small.

Supposedly, on the day of the departure, the current king had fallen to sudden illness. For that reason, the king’s younger brother, the Royal Prince, had come in his stead.

This Royal Prince was a slender and fair-skinned man in his early twenties, and gave off a completely different impression from his older brother, the renowned dauntless and resolute warrior.

When the ceremony started, I recalled the things Leo-sama had spoken of last night and gradually became unable to concentrate.
My duty for today was to entertain Trancia’s Royal Prince during the dinner party after the ceremony, so please cut me a little slack.

First, Leo-sama gave his welcoming address. Next was the reception of the Royal Prince’s speech, and finally both parties confirmed that the other had no intention of once again waging war.
The ceremony then progressed without delay.

Afterward, while the dinner banquet was still being prepared, there was a bit of free time.
I changed into a pale red dress, and as I waited for the preparations to be complete, I passed time by drinking tea.
And it was then that Leo-sama, dressed in full uniform, made his entrance.

Although I’d finally calmed down after going through a lot of trouble, the memory of our promise for tonight sprang up in my head again.

“Haruto, you don’t have to be so nervous. You look like you’re about to leap away from my hands at any second.”

“I ask that you please not tease me so much. Also, I’m not nervous at all.”

Though I tried to resolutely refute his words, I couldn’t hide how my face turned red.

“Got it, sorry about that. Anyway, it’s almost time—shall we go?”

Though he said it in a somewhat laughing tone, I compliantly took the hand he held out to me.



At the dinner banquet, I was to serve as the person who conversed with the Royal Prince.

“I have heard that the Queen is actively involved with national affairs. The way you endeavor to pursue knowledge regardless of being a woman makes one such as myself feel respect and admiration.”

“No, not at all, it’s nothing so great as that. Rather, I believe that the Royal Prince visiting a neighboring country as a representative has taken a far greater responsibility.”

As the meal progressed, we conversed with small talk.

“As for that matter, it’s simply that what I am able to accomplish are only matters such as these. Unlike my brother, I am incapable of going out to the battlefield to fight.”

As he said that, a wry smile that didn’t match his age came upon the Royal Prince’s face.

“You shouldn’t say such things. There are matters which only Your Highness and Your Highness alone is capable of doing. On my end, I feel that the things I know how to do are too few.”

I didn’t think that such cheesy words would actually be able to touch his heart.
Even so, I couldn’t not say it.



The disaster came suddenly.

When the meal reached the end of its course, I stood up from my seat while thinking that it was about time I ask for dessert. With a sigh, I looked out the window. The view was somewhat familiar and nostalgic, but a light that I had never seen in this kind of place was approaching.

It was a light given off by an occurrence of attack magic, like what Alec had showed me in Orania.
The escort knights around me also realized its existence, though a bit late.

In an instant, they formed a defensive wall around me and Leo-sama.
However, I, who had noticed this attack magic’s existence a moment faster than the others, was the only one who saw…
That magic’s trajectory wasn’t heading toward Leo-sama, nor to me, but instead aimed straight toward the Royal Prince.

In that moment, I realized it.
Just how come Trancia’s King had developed a sudden illness just before the day of the departure?
Just how come such a wry smile had come over the Royal Prince’s face?

He had known that he had come to this place in order to die.
So that he could become the burning embers that sparked the resurgence of war, he stood there without any sort of defense at all.

I ran toward the Royal Prince’s location.
Crashing into him, I protected his body with my own.

A powerful impact coursed through me, starting from my back to the rest of my body.
That impact launched me into the air, and my body struck the floor.

I couldn’t breathe.

Everything felt heavy.

At the edge of my gradually narrowing vision, I caught sight of the Royal Prince looking over with a dumbfounded expression.
He seemed fine. What a relief.

From a distance, I heard a voice that sounded like Leo-sama’s calling my name.
These arms that embraced me now were surely Leo-sama’s arms.

Even without seeing his face, I was certain from feeling the warmth of his arms.

“Sor…ry, Leo-sama.”

I couldn’t keep the promise we made for tonight.

My voice was hardly able to come out.

At the very least, I wanted to touch his face—I gave all my effort to lifting my right hand, but it fell to the floor, unable to reach.




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Aloof King and Cold-Acting Queen – Ch 38: Progress? *

Advisory Notice
This chapter contains some explicit content.



I had made a promise with Leo-sama to reform Caspar together. In any case, I resolved to do as much as I could with my own knowledge and experience.

In order to expand my knowledge of agriculture, I actively went for tutoring at the Royal Castle’s Agricultural Department where they generously explained things to me.

Elias’s position had turned into something like my assistant, and though I had felt truly sorry for making him work like this even though he was a knight,

“When I served at the Knight Order, because of my status as a commoner there were many times where the useless and miscellaneous tasks were left for me to handle. When it is for Shane-sama, however, it is a matter of acquiring knowledge for the sake of this country. My feelings are rather those of gratefulness. Of course, I have also secured my training as a knight, so please, do not worry.”

When he replied as such, I felt relieved and trusted him with this work from that point on.


And so, I gradually deepened my involvement in the state affairs.

On the other hand, my relationship with Leo-sama hadn’t really made much progress.

Because we were in love with each other, of course there were times when we had  such an atmosphere. However, although we had touched each other with our hands, there wasn’t any progression from there. I felt that this wasn’t really enough, but I couldn’t say that out loud myself.

This evening as well, when our gazes met each other, it was a signal.
I quietly closed my eyes and accepted Leo-sama’s lips, as well as his tongue.

He licked at the top of my mouth, making a whine leave me.

Leo-sama extended his hands toward my pants, and skillfully stripped them.
I also put my hands on Leo-sama’s belt, but because it took too much time I could only just uselessly scuffle with it.

When Leo-sama brought his hand to that place to touch me directly, I couldn’t help but let out my voice.

“…Mn… please don’t tease me so much down there.”

I protested against the way that Leo-sama had doggedly kept stroking me the previous time we had done this.

“Your reaction is simply too cute; I can’t help it. Touch me too, Haruto.”

So he said while pulling at my hand.
Ever since I had told him my real name, Leo-sama began to call me as such whenever the two of us were alone together.

As we kissed, we brought our hands to stroke other thoroughly.

“Leo-sama, I… want to come already…”

“Hold on for a little longer, we can do it together.”

As Leo-sama said that, he thrust and rubbed his thing against mine.

“Ah, nn… I can’t. I’m going to come…!”

The pleasant feeling was too much for me, so I ended up coming a little early.
And just as usual, I ended up teased and played around with by Leo-sama.

After quickly cleaning up, Leo-sama crawled back into bed.
Today there wasn’t any progress, either.

“Haruto, did you hear about what’s happening tomorrow?”

“Yes. I heard that there will be a ceremony for celebrating the end of the war with Trancia.”

Trancia is a country that had warred with Caspar up until the very end. To commemorate the third year since the end of the war, key people from Trancia were invited to the commemoration ceremony.

“That’s right. Our relationship with Trancia has been tense for many years, but recently it has greatly settled down. That’s why the fact that we’ve passed the third year mark is very meaningful.”

“I see.”

I understood the significance of this ceremony, as well.

“That’s why, if tomorrow goes through safely, there is something I would like to talk to you about. And then, I want to make Haruto mine.”

His sudden speech surprised me.
I didn’t say anything, only embracing him and nodding in reply countless times.
Leo-sama also said nothing , simply stroking my head.

Like that, I fell asleep while wrapped in complete happiness.



Translator’s Note

I thought I had already learned from Taro-sensei all of the Japanese R18 vocabulary I needed, but actually this chapter used some, er, vague terms that I wasn’t exactly sure about. お互いのものを抜き合う…

[Edit 4/1/2018] Thanks to our amazing Yuann-san for explaining the meaning~!!! ☆:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:☆ Translation has been edited from frottage to handjobs! Thank you very much as always, Yuann-san!!

Regarding the country of Trancia, please let me know if it has appeared in previous chapters under a different name. The author uses both トライシア (toraishia) and トランシア(toranshia) when referring to the country. I thought the author must have decided to change the name of the country halfway through writing, but in the next chapters both Toraishia and Toranshia appear… so I’m not sure if these are typos or not. In any case, I opted to refer to the country as Trancia in the translation.


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Aloof King and Cold-Acting Queen – Ch 37: Beneath the Starry Sky


If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Ars, translator of another JP BL called “Picked up a Strange Knight”. If you haven’t read it yet, please do check it out! Earlier I received a comment requesting that I pick up this story, so I contacted the previous translator who then gave me the go-ahead! Thanks to BlackMaskedPhantom for all of their hard work—let’s hope their situation gets better and that they can return to translating some awesome stories!

Here is chapter 37. Enjoy!


An invitation to Urie’s wedding ceremony had arrived. Though I unfortunately couldn’t attend, I planned at the very least to send a letter and gifts.

The invitation came with a picture of the couple: Urie and his lover. Urie smiled happily in the picture, and the person between his arms was undeniably a cute-looking boy.

According to the letter Alec had sent, Urie had gone to an orphanage to offer the Knight Order’s condolences. There, Urie had fallen in love with the young man at first sight and seemed to have won his heart.

At present time it seemed that they had gone to Orania to carry out their passionate romance, though that plot twist was something I had only heard from rumor.

When I showed this picture to Leo-sama, his reaction revealed that he believed without a doubt that Urie’s joy must be a lie.


Although you could say that Leo-sama and I had confirmed our mutual feelings for each other, there hadn’t been a sudden change in our relationship.

However, the recently-infrequent “Othello Meetings” had now once again become a daily occurrence.

Those meetings didn’t have the feeling of ‘a battle of wits’ or anything like that. Instead, they had a gentle and calm atmosphere where Leo-sama and I occasionally shared kisses, softly brushing our lips together.


Tonight as well, the two of us went out to the terrace after we’d finished our work.

I felt that the starry sky of this world, which was mostly free of any artificial lighting, was much more beautiful than the stars I had seen in Japan.

Chatting beneath this starry sky was a custom that we had only recently begun.


Today I had prepared some sweet and sour liquor made of citrus.

“I apologize for having made you wait.”

I offered Leo-sama a glass and sat down beside him.

“Thanks. The stars are as pretty as ever today.”

“They are, aren’t they. When I had been in Orania, I had often gazed up at the sky back then as well.”

Back in those days I’d looked up at the stars while feeling homesick and wistful for Japan, but now the loneliness that I had felt was gradually fading away.

“The flowers of Orania are rather beautiful, aren’t they? On that topic, Shane, I know that you’re fond of flowers, but which flower would you consider your favorite?”

My absolute favorite is the wisteria. But… I haven’t yet seen a single one in this world. Even if I tried to describe it with my words, I didn’t have the confidence in being able to convey the uniqueness of this flower’s formI had gotten up to there in my thoughts, when I remembered the existence of the picture book I had brought with me from Japan.

“I have something nice to show you. Please wait for a bit.”

I hurried back to my room, and returned with the picture book. It had been seven years since I had first come to this world, and after I had opened this book countless times, its corners had become rounded. Even so, the beauty of the pictures was still in good shape. I pointed to the wisteria inside.

“This is the flower that I love the most. It’s called ‘wisteria’, but unfortunately I have never seen it in this place.”

The moment Leo-sama saw this picture that had been illuminated by magic, his facial expression changed slightly—he looked somewhat surprised.

But in the next moment, his expression returned to its usual state.

“It’s a beautiful flower. It has the same color as Shane’s eyes.”

Though he said that, I felt pained to have to lie about the color of my own eyes. Even though there were many things we talked about now, I still hadn’t been able to broach the secret around this color.

If it were known that the Emperor’s Lawful Consort bore eyes of such an ominous color, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stay with him. 1 Though I knew that Leo-sama wasn’t that kind of person, I also understood that he wasn’t in a position where he could decide such a thing solely by himself.

Leo-sama looked at that picture book for a long time. And suddenly, as if he’d resolved himself, he asked me a question.

“Shane, if you’re willing—would you be able to tell me your real name?”

I would never be able to tell him the color of my eyes. That was why, I thought, I hoped that I could at least not hide other things from him.

“That is alright with me, but please don’t be surprised. My real name is actually ‘Haruto’.”

“Really? It’s the same as mine, isn’t it?”

It had surprised him after all. When I saw him like that, I couldn’t help but smile.

“My name has several unique letters with meanings attached to it.”

While saying that, I took some moisture from my glass and wrote the kanji『晴都』on the table.

“This is read ‘Haruto’. Though each letter has its own meaning, its overall significance is that of ‘a land of auspicious days’.” 2

When I explained it as such, Leo-sama grasped my hand while looking a bit joyful.

“What I wish is to make this country a bright land, and with my own hands, change this country that has been wracked with conflict. Would you be willing to create such a ‘land of auspicious days’ with me?”

It had been a long time since I had written my name in kanji, so the letters turned out much clumsier than before. Spoken Japanese was, for the most part, something I could no longer call upon, so bit by bit I had begun to be unable to recall the words. When I thought about how in this way I was gradually starting to forget what I knew of Japan, it would be a lie to say it hadn’t distressed me. Yet even so, I felt that I wanted to do everything in my power to live here, in this country—Leo-sama and I, together.

With our hands connected, I returned a squeeze to his hand and replied, “Yes.”



Translator’s Note

Thank you for reading Ch37!

To be honest, this story is one that’s been sitting in my reading list for a long time so I’m not actually familiar with what happened earlier. If you see any details that are inconsistent with previous chapters, let me know.

Although my main translation priority is Picked up a Strange Knight and its sequel, the chapters of this story are short enough that I’ll probably be able to put out at least one or two each week.

Also, hm… hm? This story, it’s listed as shounen ai on novelupdates, right? The previous chapters, do they not have any smut in them? Then why is it that as soon as I pick up this story, the very next chapter has some X-rated content?! I don’t know if prior translators have mentioned this yet, but the final chapter (not counting epilogue) is R18 too…

Well, the next chapter is only at the level of R15. Be careful about opening it in public, but otherwise, please look forward to it.


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  1. The title used here is one I don’t really know how to translate: “皇帝正妃”. The first word is Emperor, the last one is ‘Princess/Consort’. I wasn’t sure how to interpret 正 or the phrase as a whole so I just went with something that seemed it would fit. 
  2. A more literal translation is ‘a land of fine/clear weather’—as in, nothing ominous on the horizon, everything is clear and fair. There’s a lot of room for poetic interpretation, but I went with something that fits the context.