Happy new year folks!

Thanks for sticking around with my translations so long! I’ve had a lot of fun reading these great stories by talented authors on syosetsu, and I’m grateful to get to share the experience with you.

It’s been a very long time since I last read and translated Taro-sensei’s story Brought My Wife Back from Another World, so for now I intend to focus my time on finishing it. Translations for Tsukiya-sensei’s story Moonlight on the Snowfield will be put on hold in the meantime. I don’t have any estimates how long it will take to post the chapters, but it will be slow and steady progress.


16 replies on “Announcement: Focusing on BMWB, MotS on hold

  1. I’ve been waiting for the continuation of Brought My Wife Back from Another World. I look forward to reading the updates. Thank you!


  2. Hi! First of all, sorry if my English isn’t so good but it’s not my first language.
    I just wanted to thank you for your work. I just finished reading the chapters of Moonlight on the Snowfield you translated and I think you did such an amazing job! I can’t understand Japanese so I can’t compare your translation to the original version but I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually made it better. I will patiently wait for the next chapters, hoping you will keep translating this novel in the future!
    Meanwhile I’ll start reading Picked up a Strange Knight, since the plot seems very interesting.
    Thank you again.


  3. Hello. First of all, I want to say thank you soooo much for translating BMWB!!! I have enjoyed reading the story so much and also the prequel! I hope you’ll have good days!


  4. Thank you! I’m so excited to read the conclusion to that adorable couple’s story…. sending you many hearts!


  5. Just out of curiosity, since both “picked up a strange knight” and BMWB have gotten more Extras (side stories) added since the last translated update, I was curious if those were going to get translated as well or not.


  6. Hello Ars, I hope you are well; First of all I would like to thank you more than anything for all your effort and dedication in bringing us BL novels; I would like to ask you in the kindest way and ask, if I can take your translations from English-Spanish, I will give you your corresponding credits and I will add the link of the website, both of the original novel and yours, in order to support you and the author, I wait for your answers.


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