Ganche and the Other Side of the Crescent Moon

On that day, as well, Ernst had only returned to their room far into the night.

Once he had finished meeting with the citizens of his fief and taking his supper, Ernst toiled through his Lordly duties.

In Meissen, which was overwhelmingly lacking in skilled personnel, the Lord was not only an administrative official but also a mediator, a doctor, and now, a teacher as well.

He listened to the requests of his citizens and he laid down his adjudications, and then he arbitrated the quarrels which would then once again crop up between the people. He complied with the mandates ordered by the kingdom and prepared the documents to respond to its inquiries.

And on top of that was the problem of finances: no one in Meissen could accomplish calculations well enough, so no matter if the expenditure of money was large or small, all of it had to be handled by the Lord.

The burden of work Ernst had to carry was far greater than anything his people could imagine.

Yet no matter how hard-pressed Ernst was by his labor, he never changed his attitude. He continued on as calmly as before.

It was this that allowed the people around him to misunderstand and think that because Ernst didn’t seem to be under pressure, he must not be doing anything important.

Ganche knew that the depth of Ernst’s heart was tremendous and held an enormous capacity within, but still, he worried that if those conversations with the citizens continued on as they did now, they would cause Ernst uncharacteristic exhaustion.

Ganche heard the patter of light footsteps in the corridor and from this, he understood that Ernst finally returned. He left their bedroom and lifted that small body into his arms.

“Welcome back.”

He spoke those words after they had returned to the room and closed the door.

The people in this estate went to sleep early. Even if the lord was up late at night, sequestered away in his office, the others always finished their work at the same time they always did and returned back to their own rooms.

From Ganche’s perspective, he couldn’t help but think it was a show of disrespect – but since Ernst himself forgave and allowed it, Ganche had no right to say anything.

It was true enough that if someone who didn’t have a good handle on letters hung around, they still wouldn’t be able to help Ernst a whit.

Rather than having to move forward by mutually consulting my thoughts with another person, it’s more efficient to work alone – Ernst whispered this into Ganche’s ear with a playful laugh.

He stayed behind to work late at night in his office, and he returned to his room while trying to walk as quietly as possible. This was yet another way he showed consideration for the people in this estate; he tried his best to not wake any of them.

This was Ganche’s first time seeing a Lord who paid so much care to his own servants.

“I’m sorry. It’s already so late.”

On top of that, he even apologized to Ganche.

“Please do not worry for me. Dunbertians are fine going ten or even twenty days without sleep, after all.”

As he spoke, he lowered Ernst in front of the fireplace.

Candles were too valuable to be used wastefully, but Ganche could go to the forest and obtain as much wood as he wanted for the fireplace. For Ganche, the only thing he was in no want of gathering was wood.

Within the dark room, the shadows cast by the flamelight of the hearth swayed.

Ernst exhaled deeply at the warm fire. That breath seemed to exude the tiredness in his body.

Yet no matter how exhausted he was, Ernst never allowed any of his citizens or servants at the estate perceive it. It was only in front of Ganche that he behaved according to his true physical condition.

The shadow of the flames flickered and wavered over Ernst’s face.

From the sunken appearance of his closed eyelids, one could understand the depth of his fatigue.

Ganche replenished the wood in the fireplace, then slipped Ernst’s shoes off his feet. He moved on to pull the upper garments from Ernst’s delicate shoulders and to strip the lower garments as well.

Ernst was like a doll, moving however Ganche wanted him to move. Once Ernst had been stripped bare, Ganche covered his small body with a cloak to keep him from growing cold.

Ganche brought over the tub resting next to the fireplace, and he mixed the water inside with some hot water from the pot above the fire. He added water carefully so as to use just the right amount of hot water.

Although Ernst actually wanted nothing more than to take a nice soak in a hot bath, he couldn’t bear to go through the trouble at this late at night. I mustn’t wake everyone in the estate by moving about and making noise, was his reasoning.

On Ganche’s end, he felt that since Ernst was the Lord, he should feel more free to do and behave as he pleased – but Ernst said that it is because he is Lord that he must be restrained.

Ganche soaked a piece of cloth in the hot water, then tightly wrung it. After checking the cloth’s temperature, he gently rubbed Ernst’s face with it. When he saw that small face slacken as if its tension had ebbed away, Ganche, too, felt a relieved smile spread over his face.

Ganche soaked the cloth in hot water once more, and he brought it to wipe against Ernst’s nape, to his chest, his back, and his arms. He lifted Ernst and swabbed at his small, round buttocks. He wiped down Ernst’s legs, and finally, he carefully scrubbed each of Ernst’s toes, one by one.

Ganche returned the fur cloak around Ernst’s tiny body and lifted Ernst onto his knee, after which he soaked a different cloth, a softer one, into the hot water. He wrung it out, then used it to gently wrap around Ernst’s small manhood.

Perhaps because of how good the sensation of the warm cloth was, Ernst leaned back on Ganche to keep himself upright. All the while, Ganche slowly and gently rubbed with the cloth as if massaging him.

Ganche went through the same process for Ernst’s small sack, whereupon slender fingers grasped Ganche’s arm.

“Ganche… behind, as well…”

Ganche licked his own finger to wet it, then slipped it into the small furl between Ernst’s buttocks.


Ernst rested his head on Ganche’s chest, swaying and trembling.

The inserted finger gently thrust in and out, occasionally curling up as if weakly grazing something. Bit by bit, the slender legs facing the fireplace gradually spread wide.

“…Ganche, I want you.”

Ernst looked up at Ganche, his blue eyes dimly shining with tears. A wave of sweet intoxication crashed over Ganche, nearly sweeping him away.

Yet Ganche anchored himself with his self-control, and managed to hold on to some restraint.

“I am afraid we musn’t. Come tomorrow, you’ll only be left in discomfort.”

When Ganche chided Ernst as such, Ernst’s slender fingers gripped Ganche’s arm so strongly that his fingers dug into him.

“I care nothing for tomorrow. They’re all so focused only on themselves that…! Why don’t any of them try to understand one another?! Just why is it that even though we’ve come all this way and are so close to making it, they can’t become kinder to other people…”

Droplets of tears rolled down Ernst’s pale cheeks.

“Why do the merchants have to ridicule the peasants? Why is it that when the women start talking with each other, the men shout at them to shut their mouths? Just who in what twisted world decided that men are supposed to be above women. …Why must they scream at each other. Why… just why can’t just talk to each other normally?”

Ganche had only been inside that room for three days. At present, he was no longer allowed to enter. For this reason, he knew nothing about what sort of conversations now took place within that room.

But even during the time Ganche had been present, the people of the fief had been quarreling and shouting insults at each other.

No matter what happened, Ernst always simply listened, calm and composed.

Even if someone wanted to hurl their displeasure at him, all Ernst did was close his eyes without defending himself or providing any response.

He always bore the same stillness as the surface of a lake as he listened to the furious bellows of his people.

That was why no one knew.

No one knew just how much Ernst was hurt. Neither did they know how lost he felt.

“Lord Ernst, it will be alright. No one is attempting to thrash the other anymore, isn’t that so? It will be alright. I’m certain that they will come to an understanding.”

In truth, all of these people who have made Ernst suffer – who are, even now, able to sleep nice and cosy in this mansion all because they don’t mind damning everyone if it means they can stay prissy and offended –

Ganche wants to batter them all beneath his fists and kill them.

If Ernst only gave the order, Ganche would immediately move into actualizing that scenario; but Ganche shook his head to chase away that thought, and he hugged Ernst.

“It will be alright.”

Yet even though Ernst’s golden-haired head was turned down, Ganche heard the quiet voice from his mouth.

“But I don’t know if it will turn out alright…”

Only in front of Ganche did Ernst speak any complaints.

Now that Ganche no longer had to stand in during the meetings with the fief’s people, Ernst finally began to share and vent with him.

“The discussion was completely meaningless. Everyone only cared about their own situation and treated it as the most important thing, meanwhile, they couldn’t care less about other people’s circumstances. The people of Meissen will never be able to come to an understanding each other. They won’t even consider coming together.”

“It’s alright. Take your time, and it will happen.”

“…I’ve already become sick of standing in front of my people. I can’t stand it – the malicious gazes, the raised voices.”

He shook his head ‘no’ like a spoiled child. When he did, the scent of unripe fruit drifted into Ganche’s nose.

“It will be alright, Lord Ernst.”

Ganche rubbed Ernst’s thin arm encouragingly, and Ernst seized his hand.

“Ganche, Ganche… have me, please. Please hold me, I’m begging you. That way, come tomorrow, when I once again must stand before my people, I’ll have a piece of your strength with me…”

If there were a man who could resist his beloved as they rode him, nude, and begged him with such earnest eyes to take them – he would be an unusual man indeed.

Ganche embraced that small body in his arms, his hands racing to explore its slender back, stomach, legs, and arms.

When they had begun their union, Ganche had thought, Only until the fire in the hearth burns out. Now, however, the flames of the fireplace had already long grown cold, and they had still not yet stopped.

In the very beginning, it had been a struggle to even connect their bodies; Ernst’s small form had gone through great pains to swallow even one of Ganche’s fingers.

From there, he had gradually loosened, progressing from being able to easily take those fingers to where he was now, able to take Ganche’s body every day. If he was taken once, gently, then Ernst would even be able to have Ganche again the next day.

That Ernst’s small body grew more and more fitting to Ganche made Ganche feel such gladness and joy.

Ever since the people of the fief had come to stay at the estate, Ganche and Ernst hadn’t intermingled. Ganche struggled to restrain himself now that they finally had their tryst after such a long time.

But Ernst didn’t hold back. He greedily sought his pleasure from Ganche.

When Ganche had released inside once, Ernst had knit his thin brows and, as if trying to make sure Ganche would never be able to slip out of him, clenched tightly.

“…gh! Lord Ernst…!”

“You’re not to take it out.”

Ernst clamped around him so tightly that Ganche felt as if his part would be eaten up and swallowed down.

“But…! Isn’t – isn’t it painful for you…? We had to loosen you for so long because it had been such a while, hadn’t we? We musn’t overdo…”

“I’m not overdoing it!”

Ernst squeezed down even tighter, making it hard for Ganche to breathe.

“Lord Ernst…! I shan’t pull out, so please, loosen your grip a bit.”

He rubbed Ernst’s slender shoulder as he begged, and Ernst complied by slightly relaxing his hold.

But the tightness remained the same. Regardless of Ernst’s will, this was the price to be paid for breaching such a small form.

Ganche put Ernst on his lap. He circled one hand around Ernst’s back and and steadied the other on the floor, and he let out a deep exhale as if he had been taken aback.

Ganche saw the back of Ernst as he was connected to Ganche. Even in this lightless room, Ganche’s eyes could see it well.

That small back of his was trembling.

“Lord Ernst.”

Ganche reached up with the hand that had been resting on Ernst’s hip, and stroked Ernst’s trembling back.

“Ganche… Ganche… I’m – scared.”

With his head bowed, Ernst spoke in the same low, quiet voice as someone whispering to a lover.

“I had believed that, no matter what happened, everything would turn out fine. I thought that I would be able to accept it, no matter what occurred or what was said to me. But I had been naive. Now, for me, I can’t do anything other than be scared. I’m scared of the eyes of my people as they insult and berate me. Their eyes as they scorn and laugh at me, those eyes are terrifying.”

Ganche raised his body and, with gentleness, wrapped his arms around Ernst from behind.

“Ganche, tell me that you need me. That even if you’re the only one who does, that you need me. …I want you to please, tell me that it’s fine for me to stay here…”

So it had gotten to the point where he had been so worn down he could no longer find worth in his own existence?

How could such a strong, and such a gentle person be driven and cornered to this point?

Ganche held Ernst tightly in his arms.

That small body of his had grown chilly and cold.

“My beloved Lord Ernst. This self of mine exists only for your sake. If this world did not have you, then my heart, like this world, would be barren. Lord Ernst… for my sake, grant me your love, stay here by my side, I beg of you.”

Ganche ran his hands down Ernst’s thin arms. He wiped Ernst’s small face. His fingers were wettened by the tears. When he licked away the droplets, the bittersweet taste of fruit spread over his tongue.

“Lord Ernst, why don’t you try hanging on for just a little bit longer? How about… you keep going for just one more day. And if, even after that, everything remains the same, I shall go and toss the whole lot of them out of the estate.”

As he pressed a kiss to Ernst’s small lips, they spilled out a chuckle.

“I suppose so. I will try my best for just one more day. …And if no good comes of it, then I’ll have to ask you to lend me your hand.”

“Yes. You have my word.”

Ganche wrapped his arms around Ernst’s thin waist and hugged him fiercely. The small body within Ganche’s arms then let out a moan.


“Oh, my deepest apologies…! I’m still inside of you, aren’t I.”

As he spoke, Ganche tried to pull out until Ernst’s fingers clutched at his arm.

“Not yet. I’m not satisfied until we’ve done more for today.”


“Ganche, you worry far too much over my body. It isn’t as if I’ll remain inexperienced and unaccustomed to it forever. My body knows your shape now. By now, it won’t hurt me if we’ve done it once.”

It has certainly been said that those who supposedly have bodily fluid compatibility are different in every circumstance from the norm. Usually, it would be impossible for two people with such a size disparity to join together.

But Ernst’s body could feel the sensation of Ganche’s semen within it, and the deeper that sensation was, the more unbelievably addicting it felt. Ernst’s body became loose, warm, and soft as it pressed around Ganche, swallowing around him to urge him to spill inside.

Usually, if one spilled semen in such a place, absolutely nothing would happen.

But Ernst’s physical condition had never once suffered from it.

When Ganche finished in his stomach, Ernst didn’t feel any abdominal pains; rather, according to Ernst, what always happened was that he felt brimming with physical and mental energy afterward.

To have bodily fluid compatibility was incredible in every way.

“In that case, Lord Ernst, we ought to go to bed. If we continue on like this, you’ll be frozen by the cold air, won’t you?”

“Mn… Then I’ll ask you to carry me over like this. I’ve decided that tonight, I won’t be separated from you.”

Ernst’s stubborn face stared up at Ganche. Even his blue Kleber eyes could faintly capture Ganche’s silhouette, illuminated by the light the snow reflected through the window.

“I have no other choice, it seems,” Ganche murmured, embracing Ernst’s small body in his arms.

Though he played at reluctance, Ganche enjoyed this, as well. The wilfulness Ernst occasionally had was something he only revealed to Ganche, and this was something that made Ganche very happy.

Even while they were still connected, Ganche easily lifted Ernst’s small body. One hand pressed Ernst’s thin hips to his own, and the other wrapped around Ernst’s chest to hug him..


Perhaps with the change of angle, Ganche had struck somewhere painful, for Ernst writhed, his golden hair thrown into dishevelment.

“Lord Ernst, are you alright…!”

“Aah… I’m fine. It’s just that you hit somewhere different from usual, Ganche… aah, it feels quite good.”

So that was it, Ganche smiled, relieved, and resumed walking.

Every time Ganche took a step, the lightweight body he was connected to by a single part let out a groan. Ernst’s thin legs swayed in the air.

“Ah… aah… mn.”

A sweet scent filled the room.

They laid down in bed, and Ganche gently ran his hand up Ernst’s pale back.

Although they had joined together from behind many times like this, this was the first time they had taken a position in this way. To have Ernst be on his hands and knees while Ganche looked down on him felt like a disrespect, and Ganche hadn’t been able to bring himself to do it.

But now, Ernst kneeled on his hands and knees on the bed.

Propped up on all fours, Ernst rested his cheek against the bedding, his hips raised high. Sighing with moans of pleasure, he murmured Ganche’s name without end.

Ganche gently brushed his hand down Ernst’s narrow back. He dropped a kiss on the slight downward curve of Ernst’s nape and loosely nibbled on it. The delicate skin was sensitive to the touch of Ganche’s teeth, and the thin neck shied away.

As if making amends, Ganche ran his tongue over Ernst’s neck as he slowly pushed his hips. He rocked in from below, as if burrowing inside. He did it over and over.

As they rocked back and forth, yearning sighs continued to spill from Ernst’s lips.

“Ganche… Ganche…”

As if to tell him, Enough, Ernst called out Ganche’s name, then hugged the hand that Ganche had placed on Ernst’s head. Ernst held Ganche’s hand tightly, expressing how he couldn’t take much more of this.

Ganche pushed in with much more force than before.

His free hand crept to Ernst’s thin hips, which were pressed down so strongly to the bed that they were nearly sewn together. His fingers dug down and sought out the tip of Ernst’s small member.

Ganche pulled his hips away until he was nearly out, then pushed back in all at once. The force of Ganche’s thrust rocked Ernst off balance.

Even though he must have been exhausted, even though his small body was shouldered with many burdens, Ernst never told Ganche to stop. The precious, beloved lover of Ganche’s used everything he had to take Ganche in.

This person was always, in every occasion, working hard with his best effort.

But, because of what he had been taught in the royal palace, he never outwardly expressed any of his inner turmoil. He also similarly hid any trace of how much sweat and blood he poured into his efforts.

He always appeared calm and unaffected as he achieved things which were by no means simple to do.

Ganche loosely held his precious treasure of a person.

He pumped his hips with short thrusts, feeling that he would reach his climax soon.

Should I pull out and come outside? – He didn’t say those mood-ruining words. His beloved had already told him that he wasn’t allowed to do so.

As their bodies were still connected like beasts, Ganche began moving his hips as wildly as an animal. The sound of flesh smacking flesh resounded in the dark room.

A sweet, enticing fragrance drifted from Ernst’s disheveled golden hair.

Ganche gently gripped and covered Ernst’s member with his hand. The small manhood trembled and shuddered against Ganche’s palm. Even though it could no longer grow hard again after coming once, it twitched as if reacting to Ganche’s frenzied desire.

Ganche felt wetness in his hand, covering his fingers. He moved his wettened fingers in front of Ernst’s face so that Ernst could see with his own eyes.

And then, as they looked at each other, Ganche unhurriedly brought his fingers to his mouth. A sweet taste filled his senses. It didn’t have the same viscous texture laced with sweetness as Ernst’s first time coming, but instead had a fresh and clear taste.

Ganche pulled his fingers out of his mouth. “Wonderful,” he said, as he once again brought his fingers to twine around Ernst’s member. He repeated this countless times until the flavor had run out.

At the same time, the thrusts of his hips had never stopped. Ernst could feel the fluids dripping inside of him from the tip of the gigantic rod inside of him.

Once he felt the nectar given to him in such a sensitive place by his partner with compatible fluids, all of his sense of reason had blown away. He kept moving his hips like he was about to break, to the point where the overflowing semen inside of him dripped out.

Ernst lost all rationality once he felt newly burgeoning life erupting from Ganche.

He crazily called out Ganche’s name, his small ass clenching around Ganche like he wanted to be even more deeply connected together.

Held inside so deeply, softly, and pleasurably, Ganche finally met his climax.

He shot out streams without end, which mixed inside with the come from their last round. It filled Ernst and overflowed, the rest running out from a gap. It dripped and flowed down Ganche’s thighs and Ernst’s legs.

Ernst’s insides still twitched and squeezed, trying to squeeze every last drop from Ganche.

This movement happened regardless of Ernst’s conscious intentions, for the bodies of people with compatible fluids greedily sought to drink down the release of their fitting partners.

Ganche stayed inside Ernst until Ernst’s body was satisfied, allowing himself to be wrung dry.

Finally, the movements of the small body gradually lessened, and fell quiet.

After that, it became a comfortable and soft small room for Ganche’s exclusive use.

Ganche slowly, carefully pulled out so as to not force all of the release he had shot in Ernst to spill out. With a squelch, he separated and made it out.

Although his cock had been squeezed dry, it still hadn’t had nearly enough and remained hard. Ganche gave a bitter smile at that part of himself, and he stroked it a few times in appeasement.

He quietly scooped Ernst up from where he laid face-down, and turned him around to face the ceiling.

Ernst’s small face showed an expression of peace of mind and contentment in his sleep.

Relieved, Ganche pressed a kiss to Ernst’s cheek.

Regardless of however tomorrow might turn out, and no matter how difficult today was, he hoped that in sleep, at least, Ernst would feel freed of his worries and burdens.

He once again laid Ernst down on the bed, and he gently covered Ernst with the bedding.

As Ganche gently hugged Ernst from behind, the small body stirred to snuggle against Ganche’s heart. Ernst fell back asleep with his nose brushing against Ganche’s chest.

His partner, older and so reliable, showed such a defenseless and vulnerable side in his sleep, and Ganche’s face softened as he watched Ernst.

Although his worries from last night had not yet disappeared, Ernst still woke come early morning the next day.

Early to rise, late to bed.

Ganche couldn’t help but worry over whether Ernst’s body would break down if this continued.

As he dressed Ernst in his clothes, Ganche asked, “Is your body feeling alright?”

Ernst laughed. “Some of you is still inside of me.”

He lovingly rubbed his stomach for a while.

“If I think that you’re encouraging me while with me in the deepest parts of myself, I feel like that’ll keep me full of motivation to do my best.”

Ernst pinched Ganche’s cheeks with both of his small hands, and he pressed kisses to Ganche’s forehead, nose, and mouth.

“Thank you, Ganche. I’ll try my best to keep staying strong for just a little longer. I’ll get through today.”

Ernst smiled, soft, his expression seeming like it would melt under the morning sun’s light streaming from the window.

They took their breakfast together, and Ganche escorted Ernst to the reception hall.

It was always the Lord who was first to enter the room, and who waited for his people to enter.

Ganche felt as if Ernst’s small body grew with each and every step he took.

Hiding his hesitations, ignoring his fears, the small Lord advanced down the path of thorns.

Ganche was always watching over Ernst’s back.

If he could only fulfill one wish in his life, then it would be for him to be allowed to stand as shield for his beloved person’s back. It was for this reason that Ganche always, always, watched over Ernst on his path.

Translator’s Note

Thank you for your patience while waiting for this chapter!

I’m trying to figure out a new life-work-hobby balance, so I’ll be changing my translation update schedule to twice a month/every two weeks for some time. I’ll be posting the glossary (listed as chapter 57 in the raws) and the start of the next arc in two weeks.

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