Omake ~A short story about crossing over~

Translator’s Note: This chapter contains attempted non-con. I’ve marked the beginning and end of this scene with footnotes. If you’re uncomfortable reading this, click on them to skip this scene.




“Thank you for waiting. Here is today’s recommended set.”

I placed the dishes in front of a brawny middle-aged man whose clothes clearly marked him as a mercenary. An evaluating gaze scanned me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, but I didn’t pay it any particular mind and stepped back─or at least I tried to, before he grabbed my hand.

“Hey, pretty face. What’s your name?”

“I’m afraid that my job is to serve your food, sir. Offering my name is unnecessary.”

“Oh, you can serve me all night tonight.”

“Sir, this isn’t that kind of establishment.”

Seriously, again? I don’t even know how many times I’ve gone through this in just one month anymore. Give me a break

…Were thoughts I let out only in the privacy of my own mind. On the outside, I had my polite business smile still pasted on my face as I casually pushed back my hair, showing off the jewel dangling from my left ear.

The man made a surprised face, but that was all; the next moment, his grip tightened and I was yanked forward.

I lost my balance and barely avoided falling into the food, while my elbow hit the table with a loud smack and caused a glass full of water to tip over. Though the entire restaurant floor had been quite noisy, the shrill screech of glass shattering on the ground made all eyes swivel toward us.

“You think I give a shit if you’re married? That makes it even better.”

“Sir, please stop. This is causing trouble for me.”

The reason why I didn’t immediately shoot him down and just went along to this point was because I had already learnt a lot from my first experience. They would usually back off after I flashed the earring, but it seemed that the opponent this time was a difficult one─even my awkward, or rather, disdainful tone seemed to spur him on.

Just why does this have to happen to me? I’m not the only waiter here─my coworker’s a girl and moreover, she’s a big-busted chick wearing clothes so scanty it’s a sexual harassment case waiting to happen! Even if I’ve already been told that this is a world where gender doesn’t matter, for some guy to call out to me, a man, for a one-night stand─it’s still fucking weird, isn’t it…?!

Sorry~ This boy’s husband is a member of the Knight Order aaand~ he easily gets suuuuuper, deeply, jealous, you know~? If he finds out about what you’re doing, he’ll crush you to a pulp so badly that you won’t be able to go back to work tomorrow, so, can you let him go?”

Calling out as she made her way to us─massive tits a-bouncing and all, was my senior at work, Tanya. The valley of those mountains, each probably the size of my head, was even more emphasized when she intentionally leaned forward and stuck them out for the whole world to see. It was such a waste, really. With her pink twintails and loli-like face, she’d be supremely adorable…if only she wasn’t taller than Ilias…

As I was thinking such rude things about the person who just intervened for my sake like a piece of trash, Tanya motioned for us to go. I pulled my hand back and gave a slight bow before I was pulled over to the kitchen.

“I owe you one, Tanya.”

“A-chan! Tanya is really mad, you know.”

“Ah? Ho-How come…?”

My business face is absolutely perfect, so there was no way my thoughts about her being a busty loli-faced giantess would have leaked through. However, I couldn’t come up with anything else even after going through all the possible things that could piss her off in my head…I gave up and asked the person herself.

Tanya let go of the hand she had grabbed earlier, then pulled me into a crushing hug.

Guh…Tanya, please spare me…You’re using way too much strength…I can’t breathe…! These words I wanted to shout out ended up being smothered as my face was buried into her outrageous chest.

Because, A-chan is a beauty! Tanya’s the one who’s supposed to serve the seats with dangerous customers! We promised, didn’t we?!”

So that was why…A girl was angry out of worry for my safety─for some reason, I feel like I’m having a personal crisis right now? What did she say again? Ha…haha…I don’t really get it…?

To keep my sanity and swiftly-diminishing pride as a man from flying away, I desperately zoned her out and pretended I didn’t hear anything.


Half a year had quickly passed by since the time Ilias appeared back into my life and brought me to his world.

I learned what he’d been up to while we were separated─that guy got a promotion after serving at the fort for a year, and got relocated to the capital. He could’ve lived at the knight dormitory with no fuss or hassle, but he chose to look for a house near his workplace so that we could live together. He also prepared an exquisite earring that cost who-knows-how-many months of his salary, and which I was now wearing on my left ear.

Proof of one’s marriage in Japan was commonly a ring on your left hand, but over here it was a pair of earrings shared by the couple. I had thought that it was something we should discuss together but…the next thing I knew, Ilias was taking out an earring out of nowhere and putting it on me, just like that. He actually has a bit of a black-bellied side to him, doesn’t he…

That said, it would’ve still ended up on my ear though, discussion or no discussion.

The new home for our happily married life was a cozy place which wasn’t all that big, but size wasn’t its selling point─it was accessibility. The castle where that guy worked was just a ten minute walk away, and the district where the guild, inn, and food shops densely congregated was just on the next block. The clincher, however, was that Mr. Ilias thought that it looked like the kind of place I would like, that kind of 10/10 full marks response.

Knights, so to speak, were pretty much the same as civil public servants, so Ilias came back from work at a precise time. The occasional night shifts only happened once or twice a month, and thankfully he always had the next day off. It was a rather lifeless white-collar work culture, but to a corporate slave like me, it looked absolutely blinding.

“You had entirely taken care of me during our time together in Nippon so this time, I’ll be the one to take care of you,” Ilias had said. Thus, as per his wishes, I changed my occupation to his housewife─or more accurately, a NEET. 1

I was unbearably happy when he told me that I didn’t have to work, but that only went so far as a week. The compactness of the house meant that if I wanted to clean I’d be done as soon as I’d started, and as for cooking, I could only get fired up about it in the mornings and evenings when Ilias was there to eat with me. And above all, it was so dreadfully boring in the afternoons that I slowly died inside. I didn’t have a TV or my smartphone or anything else to kill time. I might as well just go work…!

At first I tried to sound it out with Ilias by asking if there were any menial job positions at his workplace, but he was absolutely against it. Well, I’d already imagined that if it came to physical fitness, it might be impossible for me, but for him to oppose it that much… ouch.

In the end, he finally relented on the condition that the job should only be part-time and during the day. With that consent, I started working in the guild establishment’s mess hall as part of the waiting staff. There were other places such as taverns which were closer to our home, but their operating hours were at night, so they were a no-go. Just like that, two months after living in another world as an apartment wife, I succeeded in returning to the workforce.

Once I started working, I finally fully understood the reason why Ilias had been so excited when we’d gone to that family restaurant.

Even a noob like me knew the basics of customer service, but unfortunately, for the people of this world, those basics seemed to be quite advanced to them. When the girl who was already working there, Tanya─that is, the pink-haired, twin-tailed, well-endowed giantess─started to guide me on the job, I still remember getting blown away with shock.

She spoke to the customers without any respect, and when I saw how she forcefully tossed the plates overflowing with food onto the table, I ended up being the one instructing her instead of the other way around. At that time, she got attached to me for some reason and started calling me by a nickname without my permission, but since I thought it would be troublesome to do anything about it, I just let her be.

Well, that’s the story of how I began my career as a waiter, but it seems that I’m probably going to end up suffocated to death by my senior not too long after getting the job.

“Tanya, that’s enough. Azusa’s about to die.”

“Eh?! Nooo, A-chan! Are you okay?!”

From afar came the voice of Death, but it was actually just the owner. I was finally released and as I coughed violently, Tanya fretted while going ‘Who could have done such a terrible thing~?!’. The me who didn’t tsukkomi back ‘You did!’ at her, was seriously admirable.

“How many times has this happened this month? Azusa sure is popular!”

Cough. “I’m not happy getting solicited for one night stands by men at all.”

“A-chan’s pretty face makes you wanna do lewd things so it can’t be helped~”

“The hell are you saying? Just what part of me seems lewd, seriously.”

Hmmm~ Your fair white skin~ and your tiny-ness~ and how you’re a married wifey, maybe?”

“Hah…haha…ha─oh hey, some orders are ready.”


I know you intended to compliment me, but each one of those “praises” feels like a knife to my gut, Tanya. I glossed over my frustration and put the dishes Master had given me onto a tray, which I then brought out to the dining floor.


“Thank you for your hard work!”

It was steadily getting darker outside when my shift ended. I changed out of my uniform and into my personal clothes, then left the guild.

It’d been a while since I’d last helped wash the dishes… If I didn’t hurry and finish shopping before going home, Ilias would end up having to wait for me. He let me go work when I asked, despite looking so reluctant, so I wanted to keep the housework in order at the very least.

I was too preoccupied with pondering tonight’s dinner that I was late in noticing that someone was calling out to me. When I startled and looked back, I could vaguely see the troublesome customer from before standing within the gap between two buildings that led to a back alley.

Hey, this guy is probably real bad fucking news, my instincts warned.

A really weird thing was that apparently, in this world, I was a lot of guys’ type. I can no longer count how many times I was called out at work because of this, though thankfully they all stopped at the sight of my earring. Since people didn’t marry lightly here, the ones who did were paid a lot of special attention. I had thought that was fine or whatever, but I had been naive… 2

“Hey, stop playing hard to get. Let’s play just for one time, okay?”

“I already told you earlier, I refuse.”

“I’ll make you feel good, c’mon; wouldn’t it be great to try something bigger than your husband’s?”

“It doesn’t feel great to be held by a man at all.”

“So you’re the bottom? You’ve got a wet, loose hole down there just begging for a dick to come fill it up, then.” 3


Okay, I can’t deny that I might be the ‘woman’ of my relationship, but don’t you dare think that I don’t have my pride as a man, too. Who’s fucking ‘wet and loose’, damn it?!

I knew that giving him a death glare would backfire on me, but I just couldn’t stop it. To no one’s surprise, a sleazy smile began spreading on the man’s face upon seeing my reaction.

“Oooh, that face you’re making sure is nice. The disgusted expression from earlier was quite good, but this rebellious face of yours is irresistable.”

“Fuck off, you sick pervert.”

Even though I provoked him, I was aware of my odds of beating him in a fight. That was why I had to make sure we stayed here in the main street where there were other people around. If he were to pull me to that alley…

He began to pant heavily like a maniac about to commit a crime─the hell, is he getting turned on? So fucking gross…!! My face instinctively warped like I was about to get the hell away from him, which must’ve set him off because the next thing I knew, he had already caught my arm in a vice-like grip.

“Wha─?! Shit, get the fuck away from me…!!”

I frantically tried to pull away from him while yelling, but the difference in our strengths was clear. There was just no way that a delicate, former salaryman who worked indoors would be able to win against a freakin’ mercenary.

As he started dragging me away from the street and towards the alley despite my desperate resistance, I began to feel afraid and whipped my head around to find someone for help. The surrounding townspeople, however, only looked on with worried expressions.

Are you kidding me?!

Though I’d do the same if I were just watching from the side, too…But can’t there be at least one person who’s willing to help me out here?!?! In the end, nobody stepped up and I was taken into the alley, where I was shoved against the wall of a dead-end. My head felt muddled when I realized that the situation was probably completely hopeless.

You’re kidding me… am I really going to get raped here? By a man? Buttons went flying off as he ripped my shirt─it was an ero doujin-like development, but it was no longer funny when I was the victim. An attempt to struggle rewarded me with a blow to the stomach, knocking the winds out of me and leaving me too weak to stop him as he gripped both my hands above me so I wouldn’t be able to move.

“You shitty…!”

The only thing I could do left was glare at the man and refuse to cower. I had a rule to never get into fights I couldn’t win, but at times when it couldn’t be avoided, I would absolutely never give in. It seemed that this attitude of mine appealed to him; his face split into a shit-eating grin, and suddenly─4

The sharp edge of a sword pressed against the side of the man’s neck from behind.

“Move any closer, and you’ll be cut open.”

“The fuck are you…!”

“You really want to die, it seems.”

Those words coming from a voice colder than any I’d ever heard before was followed by a drop of blood trickling from a red line on the man’s neck. The man clicked his tongue and finally let go of me, and when he looked behind him, seemed surprised that the person holding a blade to his neck was a knight.

“You think it’s okay for a knight to do something like this…?!”

“Something like this? I am only fulfilling my duty of protecting an upstanding citizen from a brute.”

“Yeah? You think there’s some sorta crime going on here?”

“Indeed. I figure the crime is that a man has torn apart my wife’s clothes.”

“Urk─no way, you’re…?!”


The sounds of clanking footsteps came from the back, and when the rest of the knights joined, the hopeless situation had completely turned around.

“Azusa! Thank god…!”

“Ilias… you made it just in time.”

Though─what the heck, I knew that the other guys who came must’ve been in the same group as Ilias, but to think Ilias was actually their captain… That startled me… This Knight Captain-dono didn’t spare another glance at the man he’d just tied up and immediately came over to wrap me up in his embrace.

“How many times must I say it, Azusa… since you’re so captivating, you have to be more careful…!”

Ahh, he said it, that thing he’d been telling me at least once a day. I would always fire back ‘I’m not captivating, jeez’, but now that I was the idiot who’d just gotten jumped, I no longer had any right to give him lip.

“… Sorry. I was wrong.”

Ilias startled at my meek apology and swiftly released me to grab both of my shoulders and peer into my face. When I saw on his expression his unsaid worry that I was being so docile because I had just been assaulted, I hurriedly shook my head.

“That’s not it! This only happened because I hadn’t been paying enough attention, so that’s why I’m properly apologizing!”

“Azusa…! No, it isn’t your fault that everyone finds you so attractive.”

“What’re you…?”

“Letting you walk around late night was also a fault in my judgment… I’m sorry, Azusa…”

“Hey, are you even listening to what I’m saying?”

“To walk home alone is truly far too dangerous, after all. From now on, I’ll pick you up after work.”

“What?! No way, that’s not gonna happen! And besides, you can’t do that anyway since you have night shifts.”

“During the times where I cannot go, I shall send a subordinate in my stead.”

“Uh…. huh?”

“Alright, it’s decided, Azusa.”

Ilias wagged his tail at full power as if saying ‘Praise me, praise me’, and I couldn’t bring myself to refute him. It would definitely make going home utterly embarrassing, but more than that, the thought of involving these subordinates with whom I had absolutely no relation with made me feel so damn sorry for them…

“We’ll be allowed to accompany the Captain’s wife back…?!”

Awesomeeee! I’m so glad that I chose to follow Sir Ilias!”

Huh? Uuuummm…. Huhhh? Something weird’s going on here, right?? While tightening the ropes around the convict, Ilias smiled at his subordinates as if saying ‘alright, that’s enough’─hey, just why does this scene look like you’re giving away ‘Accompany Azusa’ tickets as a reward for your minions, dear husband of mine?

Watching them, I was able to take a clear look at Sir Ilias’s integrity. Well… I guess this can be considered one way of his to show he loves me, so I’ll accept it…?


“A-chaaaaaan~! Your husband’s here to pick you up~♡♡♡”

Tanya’s voice resounded from the serving floor, making not only the people in the dining area but also the people in the line checkout turn around.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. Shall we go?”

My dear husband held his hand out to me while releasing a sparkling aura. It was embarrassing, so I smacked it away and walked off. Ilias only lit up with an elated smile in response and followed after me.

“Azusa-chan sure is tsundere today, too~”

I resolutely ignored the girl at the counter as I passed by; even if she’s giggling under her breath really annoyingly, I’ll lose if I make any kind of reaction!

And more importantly, just who taught her the word ‘tsundere’?! It has to be Ilias, right?! Aaaaah…!!! Just what’d I do to deserve being treated like this!! After we’d left the guild, I looked back to glower at Ilias who, just as I thought, was wearing such a friggin’ happy smile on his face.

“For Azusa to be here and willing to be my partner in this world… I still feel as if I’m dreaming.”

“─tch, what’s with you, jeez!…I love you too, okay?!”

Today, too, in this other world, my husband and I enjoy our peaceful days together.



Author’s Note

I truly apologize for leaving this story for a year just before it was complete…!

Nevertheless, thank you for your warm thoughts and applause! I’m truly happy…!!

The main story ends at chapter 19, but I added a story about what happens afterward as a bonus (omake).

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  1. NEET is Japanese slang for someone who’s Not in Education, Employment, or Training. Basically, someone who just lays about while not contributing anything. (Life goals) 
  2. Attempted non-con scene start. Summary: Azusa gets pulled into the alley by the mercenary, who talks about how he wants to do xxx things to him. Azusa glares and is ready to fight back with all his power, insulting the mercenary. At one point, the mercenary rips off Azusa’s shirt, buttons flying and all, and Azusa mentally comments that this is something out of an ero manga. 
  3. I’m not 100% on the details of this line since it’s reaaally coarse, and I also… can’t ask anyone I know to translate it for me because of what it is… The overall meaning is there though. Probably. 
  4. Scene end. 

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