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This chapter contains some explicit content.



I had made a promise with Leo-sama to reform Caspar together. In any case, I resolved to do as much as I could with my own knowledge and experience.

In order to expand my knowledge of agriculture, I actively went for tutoring at the Royal Castle’s Agricultural Department where they generously explained things to me.

Elias’s position had turned into something like my assistant, and though I had felt truly sorry for making him work like this even though he was a knight,

“When I served at the Knight Order, because of my status as a commoner there were many times where the useless and miscellaneous tasks were left for me to handle. When it is for Shane-sama, however, it is a matter of acquiring knowledge for the sake of this country. My feelings are rather those of gratefulness. Of course, I have also secured my training as a knight, so please, do not worry.”

When he replied as such, I felt relieved and trusted him with this work from that point on.


And so, I gradually deepened my involvement in the state affairs.

On the other hand, my relationship with Leo-sama hadn’t really made much progress.

Because we were in love with each other, of course there were times when we had  such an atmosphere. However, although we had touched each other with our hands, there wasn’t any progression from there. I felt that this wasn’t really enough, but I couldn’t say that out loud myself.

This evening as well, when our gazes met each other, it was a signal.
I quietly closed my eyes and accepted Leo-sama’s lips, as well as his tongue.

He licked at the top of my mouth, making a whine leave me.

Leo-sama extended his hands toward my pants, and skillfully stripped them.
I also put my hands on Leo-sama’s belt, but because it took too much time I could only just uselessly scuffle with it.

When Leo-sama brought his hand to that place to touch me directly, I couldn’t help but let out my voice.

“…Mn… please don’t tease me so much down there.”

I protested against the way that Leo-sama had doggedly kept stroking me the previous time we had done this.

“Your reaction is simply too cute; I can’t help it. Touch me too, Haruto.”

So he said while pulling at my hand.
Ever since I had told him my real name, Leo-sama began to call me as such whenever the two of us were alone together.

As we kissed, we brought our hands to stroke other thoroughly.

“Leo-sama, I… want to come already…”

“Hold on for a little longer, we can do it together.”

As Leo-sama said that, he thrust and rubbed his thing against mine.

“Ah, nn… I can’t. I’m going to come…!”

The pleasant feeling was too much for me, so I ended up coming a little early.
And just as usual, I ended up teased and played around with by Leo-sama.

After quickly cleaning up, Leo-sama crawled back into bed.
Today there wasn’t any progress, either.

“Haruto, did you hear about what’s happening tomorrow?”

“Yes. I heard that there will be a ceremony for celebrating the end of the war with Trancia.”

Trancia is a country that had warred with Caspar up until the very end. To commemorate the third year since the end of the war, key people from Trancia were invited to the commemoration ceremony.

“That’s right. Our relationship with Trancia has been tense for many years, but recently it has greatly settled down. That’s why the fact that we’ve passed the third year mark is very meaningful.”

“I see.”

I understood the significance of this ceremony, as well.

“That’s why, if tomorrow goes through safely, there is something I would like to talk to you about. And then, I want to make Haruto mine.”

His sudden speech surprised me.
I didn’t say anything, only embracing him and nodding in reply countless times.
Leo-sama also said nothing , simply stroking my head.

Like that, I fell asleep while wrapped in complete happiness.



Translator’s Note

I thought I had already learned from Taro-sensei all of the Japanese R18 vocabulary I needed, but actually this chapter used some, er, vague terms that I wasn’t exactly sure about. お互いのものを抜き合う…

[Edit 4/1/2018] Thanks to our amazing Yuann-san for explaining the meaning~!!! ☆:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:☆ Translation has been edited from frottage to handjobs! Thank you very much as always, Yuann-san!!

Regarding the country of Trancia, please let me know if it has appeared in previous chapters under a different name. The author uses both トライシア (toraishia) and トランシア(toranshia) when referring to the country. I thought the author must have decided to change the name of the country halfway through writing, but in the next chapters both Toraishia and Toranshia appear… so I’m not sure if these are typos or not. In any case, I opted to refer to the country as Trancia in the translation.


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  1. Hahaha I was shocked that this novel has also Elias who is a knight haha anyway– hahaha so this is what you mean by having a lovey-dovey moment right after you took over keke but they’re so cute together!~ Thank you very much for the update!~ Fightoo!!~ Gambatte!~

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      1. Yas gaaahd their semes really love picking up chrysanthemums nee~ ufufufufufu and I hope we get to see his OTL but if we didn’t we can judt think that he transmigrated somewhere xD

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  2. I’m not sure if Trancia has ever been mentioned before, or if it’s under different name. I only remember two countries name, Orania and Caspar 😅

    Thank you for the update 😀

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    1. There was vague mention of other nations, and one other country mentioned as another neighbor of Orania. The vague mentions were about practically all the countries being at war with each other, for a long time, but that the wars had ended, some only just.

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  3. Not sure what no progress the MC were talking about when they actually already doing it unless he is thinking of penetration… thanks for this chapter.

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    1. Yeah, I was surprised too! He was referring to ‘going all the way’, but considering that just last chapter was the first kiss, this is already plenty of progression, isn’t it…


      1. Yeah that was quite the progress on one point they have the first kiss and it is barely a kiss it isn’t even a deep kiss and now they are suddenly touching each other and sleeping together

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  4. Hello, ars san! I’m glad if it’s for your help!
    抜き=come to release it
    合う=do it simultaneously
    お互いのもの=the partner’s thing and mine

    Of two people stimulate the things to release it simultaneously with each other’s hand.

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