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This chapter contains explicit R18 content.


Author’s Note
As a result of incorporating the elements that I like, it became chaotic.


I think this is the first time that I’d ever thought Ilias could be scary. He was always so earnest and so docile, and when he followed me around I always saw him as somewhat like a dog… but he was human after all. What popped into my head then was, duh, of course it must be possible for him to lose his temper too.

However—the reason why he had gotten angry was something I completely didn’t understand. Like yeah, Mita had seen my chest, but it wasn’t on purpose; it was a complete accident. No matter how many times I explained this, Ilias only just replied ‘Is that so’ while remaining unrelentingly unconvinced. When I thought back on this later on, even though I really hadn’t done anything guilty at all, the way that I frantically tried to excuse myself might have been one of the reasons why he didn’t believe me.

We returned to the apartment in a stormy mood. I properly stored away my umbrella, placed my bag by the entrance, and took off my suit jacket. As I swatted the slightly wet spots on it, a strong grip locked around my arm.

“Uh… hey?”

I looked up in surprise to see Ilias staring at me with an expressionless face. I was barely able to drop my suit jacket over my bag before he yanked me through the apartment and threw me into the shower room. Oi oi, I’m still wearing all of my clothes; what’s the big idea?! I planted my feet on the floor, glaring at Ilias who got in and shut the door behind him despite being fully-clothed as well. The sight of the exit being blocked off like that made me antsy, but I didn’t let any of that show on my face. Instead, I put on a façade of sullen displeasure and caused Ilias’s eyebrows to twitch up slightly.

“Oi, just what do you think you’re doing? Get a hold of yourself—” My words were cut-off by the sudden, swift motion of a hand going past me to strike the wall with a don, and I jumped backwards in surprise, hitting the mirror behind me. Just as I began to ask what the hell was wrong with him, Ilias simply stopped me again with his lips. His kiss wasn’t the obscene yet gentle kind like it usually was—instead he was solely fixated on seeking out his own pleasure, nipping and sucking so aggressively I couldn’t almost breathe. When I tried to move my tongue away and escape, he quickly captured it with his. My successive attempts to flee only resulted in him biting down sharply, and my shoulders trembled from the pain. And so, I could only meekly submit my mouth and let him ravish me. Hot water started to pour down from above at the same time; it turned out that Ilias had started up the shower.

He only released me when I began getting dizzy from lack of oxygen. I gasped in fresh air desperately,  coughing in-between. My pants suddenly felt too tight—the ferocity of the way he kissed without even giving me a pause to breathe had forcibly made my dick harden up.

“ ’It wasn’t on purpose’, you say.”

Ilias brought his face closer, water droplets cascading down his features. I felt a little relieved when I saw that emotion had returned to his face, but since his eyebrows had knit together in a pained expression, I couldn’t say that it was a good thing to see. I answered his question by nodding as I panted heavily, unable to find the strength to speak. After I did so, Ilias’s other hand slowly traced over my chest.

“I don’t doubt your words, Azusa… But, I can’t forgive that someone else other than me has seen this skin.”

Ilias deftly undid the buttons of my dress shirt with one hand, each one slipping out with a slight pop. His hand slithered over the exposed skin, and I hurriedly stifled the moan that threatened to spill out.

“This white and slender neckline…”

He softly caressed it with his lips before pressing countless more kisses all over the nape of my neck as if pecking at me. I screwed my eyes shut with embarrassment and turned my face away.

“This seductive jutting collarbone…”

His lips kissed their way down to my collarbone, and as he swept his tongue over the line of the bone, I felt that I was being gently devoured. Lust flooded me with each soft touch, and soon enough I couldn’t hold back any longer. A hoarse and sensual groan leaked out me.

“And this chest which holds such beautiful flower buds, as well…”

He pressed a light kiss to my nipple, then dragged his tongue all around as if avoiding it. The faint sensation wasn’t nearly enough; I found myself feeling frustrated. I wanted him to just lick and nip at that nipple which had already hardened to a point, but there was no way that I could say that myself… I endured the torturous pleasure, my neck swaying left and right.

“All of these are only for my eyes. That’s why, I want to clean them up… can I?”

Mm, ah—

“I need your command to do it… Azusa.”

Yah, nn, Ili—as…!”

“Azusa… please, give me the order. Command me to overwrite any trace other than mine.”

“… Touch me… Ilias.”

“As you command, my darling Azusa.”

Even though he was finally smiling, for some reason I thought that he looked more like he was crying—it was a sight I couldn’t bear to see. I cradled his head in my arms and pressed him against my chest. He got my message, and answering my wish, took the nipple in his mouth and fondled it with his tongue teasingly, sucking and nibbling until I couldn’t keep my voice quiet any longer. I was aroused enough to moan aloud as my nipples were persistently assaulted to the point where they turned swollen and red. Yet Ilias didn’t get tired of kneading them with his tongue, and as he marked his way all over the area of my chest, his hand moved southwards toward the lower half of my body.

I only realized he’d loosened my belt when the sound of clinking metal was followed by my pants sliding to my ankles. He then pulled down the underwear that blocked his way, leaving them halfway down my legs around my knees.

“Amazing… are you feeling it more than usual?”


He wrapped his hand around my dick and started stroking it, making me quickly put my arms around his neck. The sex was fiercer and more primal than the way we usually did it, so I couldn’t deny that it was more stimulating for both of us. This guy that I’d thought could only ever be gentle had actually gotten fired up with jealousy, and though the forcefulness of his movements were completely different from normal, I also found myself enjoying them. Maybe I actually had a masochistic side to me, though it was only for Ilias.

Rough, then tender, fast and slow—when treated that way by his hand, my hips naturally quivered. It felt good… It felt good, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want to be stroked by myself. I wanted him to rub his thick and large cock against me. I swung my hips forward to bring it to his attention, and I raised his head which had been eating up my chest. He licked his lips slickly as our eyes met.

“When you make such an inviting expression… I worry that your junior won’t be able to keep his hands to himself.”

Haa, he, he has a girlfriend, so don’t worry… Nngh, and besides, I’m a man, ah, stop—”

I’m going to come—the moment I thought that, all movement stopped. I imploringly looked at him as if asking why, and saw that even now, his face looked like it would break into tears. The instant I realized that, he picked me up and turned me around, pressing me back against the mirror. With both of my hands pushing against the wall and my cheek flush against the mirror, I didn’t even have time to be confused before my ass was firmly groped.


“It’s been a while. Shall we play with this as well?”

Ever since that first time we frotted together, I’d never paid attention to that place again. Goosebumps rose up along my spine when I felt him knead circles on my ass that hadn’t been touched for a long time. As he gripped and massaged it with his hands before pressing a kiss to my back, I shivered from the unfamiliar sensation.

“Cut it out…!”

“It’ll be alright.”

He whispered into my ear, and from there nibbled on my earlobe. His finger circled around my hole before mercilessly plunging in, making me reflexively hold my breath.

Uhn, ha…!”

“Let go and relax.”

Something hot and heavy grinded against my hips, and a tongue plunged into my ear. Just from that, my mouth loosely opened up. I shuddered from the sloppy, wet noises pounding directly into my ear. Not only that, but at the same time Ilias kept ruthlessly driving his fingers deeper into my asshole. I didn’t like the feeling of that foreign intrusion; I couldn’t stand the shame of having someone else’s fingers entering such a filthy place. My vision grew hazy, and I couldn’t tell if that was because of the water pouring out of the shower or if it was because I had started to cry.

The fingers that had slid in all the way to their base began to move, and to fend off the feeling of wrongness I squeezed my eyes shut and sank my nails into the wall. As his fingers moved in all directions, sometimes rotating with his wrist, discomfort wasn’t the only thing I felt from them. An incredible jolt of pleasure attacked me in an instant when they skimmed across a certain place—drawing out a high-pitched voice like I’d never made before that surprised me to the point where my eyes flew open. Even without seeing his face, it was obvious: the guy behind me was caught unprepared by it even more. His throat made an audible swallowing sound, and his fingers moved more boldly than before, striking that spot once again.


“Found it.”

His fingers intently thrust against that spot as he lowly murmured, making me spill out loud and panting moans. It felt so good that I thought I was going crazy. My legs lost strength, and I dropped a knee onto the soap stand in front of the mirror. Even though I wasn’t able to stand anymore, Ilias kept relentlessly moving his fingers. The stimulation got even stronger than before as he inserted another finger in me, but no matter how many slipped inside my spent and pliant body they all felt so good that I couldn’t even compare them. But, even though the pleasure was so intense I might even die, and my body was shaking like it was on the brink, for some reason I still couldn’t come.

Ah, nn, ah, ahhh—

I couldn’t bear it anymore, and as I raised my voice that sounded like a woman’s, I started rubbing against my own dick in the mirror. When it slid across the smooth surface, so completely unlike Ilias’s cock that I had gotten used to, the missing feeling of friction was utterly dissatisfying. It wasn’t enough at all. Ahh, fuck, I really can’t come unless I’m touched…! Just as I moved to bring my hand to myself, Ilias whispered into my ear, excited and enraptured. My gaze flickered to his reflection.

“It’s as if there are two Azusas grinding against each other.”


A sloppily opened mouth, vacant eyes, swollen, red nipples peeking out of a wet and transparent dress shirt, a hard and erect penis with the tip pressed against the mirror. When I saw this sight of myself before my eyes, I became speechless. What is this… Is this really me?

“Are you having a tough time? I’m sorry, I treated you too harshly.”

He flipped my body around once again, and this time he sat me down on the chair that’d been under the stand. He got down on one knee and finally began thrusting his large dick against me like he usually did. Aahh… This is it, this is what I wanted. I relaxed.

Nn, Ilias, it feels good…!”

The man before me came closer. I wrapped my arms around him in an embrace, and he kissed me gently, as he usually did. It felt amazing and I laughed lightly, relieved. Rather than return a smile to me Ilias knit his eyebrows as he had done all day; then, suddenly, his eyes began to leak with tears. Eh, why, what are you crying over?! I wanted to say that, but as Ilias’s pace grew quicker I didn’t have the chance, and soon enough all that came out of my mouth were meaningless sounds and words.

“What I had told you was, just an attempt to justify my, desire to monopolize you… Ah, to have been considering such a thing… how annoying I must be. I’m really the worst.”

Close to the edge, Ilias’s words came out haltingly. I was surprised that he had told me his motives—it really was about his desire to keep me to himself. The only person allowed to handle my body like this was just this guy here, though… Yet he’d even gotten anxious over some guy whose name he didn’t even know, just because the kiss mark he’d made had been seen. Now knowing that I held such an important place in his heart, I felt happy and a grin rose up on my face. Ilias kept on apologizing, saying ‘Sorry’ even as he vigorously moved his hips, where I twined my legs around.

“If you can make me come in the next ten seconds, I’ll forgive you.” Trying to provoke him, I spoke those words with a smile on my face.

“As you wish,” Ilias said, and laughed. He gave me an erotic smirk, not looking anything at all like that man who’d been sobbing his heart out up until this moment.



Author’s Note

In the memo for chapter 13, I didn’t write that Ilias became jealous and used the back in the bathroom because I honestly became impatient.

Thank you very much for the appreciation and the warmly-worded comments…! I’m truly grateful, so please excuse me for adding such a strange update…



Translator’s Note

It’s here! The smut scenes are so intense…

Agent Psyx really worked hard to make the descriptions in this chapter as vivid and flowing as possible in English! The translation became so good after she worked her magic on it!! Thank you for completing this difficult mission… it was tough, but you pulled through…!

Also, we took a small liberty here. When Ilias is going down parts of Azusa’s body, he doesn’t actually call Azusa’s nipples ‘flower buds’… but we were trying to think of a good English term to use, and somehow that was the one we picked. Please forgive us for going a little wild.

As an additional notice, the author’s notes included in this story are the ones Taro-sensei wrote on the original Syosetu post, so sometimes they might be referring to the commenting/appreciation/updating system on that site!

The next chapters might look a little weird because I sobbed all over them. Please look forward to it.

Bonus: an excerpt from our chat

Psyx: My pitiful stash of smut vocabulary…:joy:
Psyx: Like, I was seriously considering replacing ‘nipples’ with ‘tits/teats’ or even ‘flower buds’ :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Ars: f-flower buds
Ars: >//>
Ars: enjoying the sakura blossoms, Ilias
Psyx: Omggg
Psyx: Azusa’ pink nipples
Psyx: Ilias will be crysanthemum-blossom viewing next, then? :joy:
Ars: :joy::pray:
Ars: holy heck :joy:
Ars: so perfect :joy:
Ars: how did we become such dirty minded people…
Psyx: Properly appreciating Japan’s flowers, indeed *nods solemnly*

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