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Hi, I’m Ars.

At the time of this post I’m an editor at Blob Translations. Originally I had no plans of making my own translation site, but the story I had planned to submit to my group was disqualified because it actually has a ton of explicit content (blobs must be all-ages friendly so that everyone can enjoy!).

As such, any stories which I decide to translate but which can’t be accepted into a group will be uploaded over here.

My current project is Picked up a Strange Knight by Taro. It’s a very fluffy story about a salaryman who finds a knight from another world collapsed in front of his apartment in modern Japan.

It’s also, apparently, very steamy in some chapters.

Please look forward to it!

Anyway, this is the post where you can submit requests in the comments.

Let me know if there’s anything you think should be checked out. Thanks!

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  1. Mikayuu says:

    Hi Ars! I’m really glad to have read your current ongoing project PSK! It’s really fluffy and yes, I can’t wait for the smut! Bring it on, haha!!! Anyway, I have a request; for you to pick up Oni no Ou to chigire by author Takao Riichi and illustrator Ishida Kaname if it’s possible. The previous translator Ichinichi BL has dropped off the project since 2016; she stopped in the middle of Chapter 8 I believe; apparently she got an official translating job so she could no longer continue with this self project. The story so far is really cute and fluffy and like PSK, it’s really smutty as well! I would be really happy if you can pick it up! But if you can’t, no worries, I’m just trying my luck. All the best to you Ars!

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    1. ars says:

      Hi Mikayuu, thanks for reading and thanks for sending a request!! Oni no Ou is a published book so I won’t be able to read it/understand it, but you can maybe see if someone from Chaleuria or Exiled Rebels might be interested, since both of them have members who can fluently read Japanese text. Sorry I can’t help more… Good luck!


      1. Mikayuu says:

        Hi Ars! Thanks for the reply and no worries, all good with me, like I mentioned before, I’m just trying my luck here, hehe! And thank you so much for the suggestions,..I will try asking Chaleuria and Exiled Rebels, hopefully lady luck smiles on me!

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  2. Charlene says:

    Hi Ars! Thanks for picking ups the aloof king and cool acting queen. I really wanted someone to translate this jp novel “Ai o ataeru kemonotachi bukotsu na kuma to oujiya no shishi to ikai no tsugai” author is chiyabashira ichigou


    1. ars says:

      Hiya~ You’re talking about the published light novel 愛を与える獣達 無骨な熊と王者の獅子と異界の『番』? (sweat) I don’t have the skills to read it, sorry… The only BL translators I know who can fluently read Japanese are in the big groups Chaleuria and Exiled Rebels.


      1. Charlene says:

        Hi Ars! Its okay ^_^ i just tried my luck here and thanks for the reply.

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  3. Finily says:

    Hello Ars~

    I have two suggestions and both are pretty short:

    Better Wishes –

    If God Wishes –

    Both are omegaverse (it’s kinda hard to find something that’s not isekai or omegaverse these days) and kinda angsty

    Thanks for looking over my suggestions~

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