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Picked up a Strange Knight by Taro

This is the story of the ordinary salaryman who picked up a strange man that turned out to be a knight, and the strange knight who began living with an ordinary salaryman in modern Japan.

Doggy-like knight x tsundere-feeling salaryman.

[COMPLETED] 21 out of 21 chapters translated

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‘Lovers’ Quarrel’ Oneshot

[ : Contains explicit R18 content]

Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen by Kasumi Ritsu

I accepted a request to finish this story’s translation. Chapters 1~36 were translated by Wisteria Translations and BlackMaskedPhantom. Chapters 44 and 45 were translated by Amaryllideae Translations.

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Brought My Wife Back from Another World by Taro

This is the day-to-day life story of a knight who returned to his home in another world, and the salaryman who crossed over with him from modern-day Japan.

Whether you consider this a sequel or simply a bonus to “Picked up a Strange Knight”, this story is written to stand on its own. However, it might be easier to understand if you read the prequel first.

0 out of 10 chapters translated

(chapter 1 in progress)

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Prospective Projects

[Projects I’m considering, depending on if the author grants me permission]

The Fallen Star is the Young King’s Glory by Yukimura Kagari

墜ちたる星は幼王の誉れ by ゆきむら燎先生

“His father was a great King who had ushered in the end of a war in another world”—though that was what Kaname had been told growing up, he’d thought the story was simply his mother’s wild daydream until one day he woke up within that other world’s kingdom. Its current state, however, was different from the stories his mother had told. The fighting had not ended, his father was only a child, and the kingdom was on the verge of destruction. It seemed that he had somehow gone back in time by thirty years. Fearing that history would change if the situation remained like this, Kaname vowed to guide the boy king’s country to victory in order to protect the future where his parents met and he was born, and to protect the life of the person he loves.

Teaser translation of the prologue here!


I am taking suggestions for future projects (Japanese BL only).

Go to this post and leave a comment (or just shoot me a message on NUF)

I’m a semi-machine translator, and rely half on my weak knowledge of Japanese grammar and half on google translate. When it comes to translations, I’m only willing to try JP novels because I don’t know any Chinese or Korean at all. If you find an interesting BL story on syosetu that you would like to see translated, feel free to leave a comment with a link to the raw and I’ll check it out.

As a side note, my favorite things to read are genre stories (fantasy, scifi, supernatural, showbiz, etc.) so I’m more likely to translate those than real-life dramas.